What Are the Telltale Signs That You Should Schedule an Endocrinology Visit?

If it remains unaddressed, diabetes could be a life-threatening disease that prevents you from enjoying your best life. However, diabetes could be efficiently managed through various treatments if identified early. Whether you have diabetes or are merely concerned about your blood glucose levels, an endocrinologist could offer you personalized care that will keep you healthy in the years ahead. At North Houston Diabetes Institute, skilled endocrinologist Dr. Juan Carlos Zubieta is on staff to help you with any diabetes and thyroid concerns stemming from problems with hormone balance. So, how do you determine when to see a Humble, TX endocrinology specialist? Here are some of the common warning signs you should look out for:

1)  Unusual Blood Sugar Levels

If your endocrine system is malfunctioning, you may realize that your blood sugar levels are frequently too high or low. Blood sugar levels that are out of whack might prevent your body from making sufficient insulin, leading to dangerous infections and diseases, such as diabetes. An endocrinologist may perform a complete examination to discover the origin of your hormonal abnormalities and make therapy recommendations.

2)  Vision Problems

Poor vision, which is often accompanied by high blood sugar levels, is another reason to consult an endocrinologist immediately. If you have hazy or blurry vision, it may be due to a disease such as diabetes. When it comes to your health, you should always focus on prevention, so do not just chalk off poor vision to aging. Consult a professional who can provide you with an expert opinion on what is causing your vision problems to ensure that you uphold exceptional health and wellness.

3)  You Observe Any New Lumps

Thyroid nodules near the nape of your neck are in charge of regulating hormone levels across your body. They may expand and form lumps if they are not functioning right. If there is any inflammation on your nodules, you should consult an endocrinology specialist. These professionals will give you a precise evaluation concerning any new lumps you observe. While it might be nothing you should be concerned about, being evaluated by an expert right away will prevent you from getting any future health problems.

Why Should You See An Endocrinology Expert?

Whereas a general practitioner can treat disorders such as diabetes, an endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect your hormones, glands, and endocrine system. They are also reliable in providing the most up-to-date processes and procedures because they are obliged to keep up with breakthroughs in their field. Besides, hormone disease therapy is always changing; thus, endocrinology concerns require a specialist who continuously changes their approach to reflect the greatest treatments available.

Whether you are seeking a better approach to managing your diabetes or simply want to maintain excellent health, Dr. Zubeita could offer individualized care targeted to your unique needs. Immediately you notice abnormal blood sugars, vision problems, or notice new lumps, schedule a consultation at North Houston Diabetes Institute. Call the Humble, TX office or use the online booking tool to get started.