Understanding How Facial Fat Transfer Works

Do you believe extra fat around your face will help you achieve a younger and plumper look? Aging can result in many changes that may leave your face feeling old and less healthy. Today, fat transfer Houston makes it possible to create beautiful contours again and restore your youthful appearance. During your initial session, your doctor will evaluate your skin and devise a proper treatment plan before fat transfer. Facial fat transfer offers an alternative and safe method of feeling and looking fresh again.

Who Needs Facial Fat Transfer?

You may need facial fat transfer if you have excess fat around one part of your skin and less fat in another area. You may have excess fat in your thighs, hips and belly and have your surgeon transfer them to your face, among other body parts, to provide you with a plumper and youthful appearance. Facial fat transfer can fill in facial wrinkles, enhance your cheekbones and repair facial scars. You can receive this procedure to add volume to your lips, cheeks, temples, under-eyes and marionette lines. Facial fat transfer can also help improve the appearance and rejuvenate thin skin and pitted scars.

What Happens During Facial Fat Transfer?

You may need up to two hours for a complete facial fat transfer, and the procedure will happen in different stages. You can learn about the stages in the discussion below.

Fat Harvesting

Your doctor will help you decide what area of your skin the liposuction will take place, usually in the abdomen and thighs. You may require local anesthesia and oral sedation to help you relax throughout the procedure. Your surgeon will then cut the liposuction area and pass a hollow tube with a vacuum at the end to suck and collect fat.

Fat Purification and Preparation

After fat harvesting, your surgeon will put the fat cells in a centrifuge to spin and filter them to eliminate impurities. Once the fat cells are purified, your doctor will transfer them to small hollow tubes to get them ready for transfer into your body.

Fat Injection

Your surgeon will numb you with local anesthesia and then pass the hollow tube to the area that needs more volume. Your doctor may pass the fat to several fatty deposits and tissue until you achieve the desired effect.

What Will Recovery Be Like After Facial Fat Transfer?

You may need some time off after the fat transfer before resuming normal activities. Within the first week, you will likely develop swelling, soreness, bruising and inflammation of the incision sites. Your doctor may recommend OTC prescriptions if you find the pain unmanageable. Other symptoms like bruising will typically disappear after two weeks.

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