The Leading Causes of Heart Disease

In recent years, heart disease has been one of the leading causes of death. Even though heart diseases are deadly, most of them are preventable if they are detected early. One of the main causes of the deaths is because people fail to recognize it at the early stages when it can be easily treated. To prevent suffering from heart-related conditions and deaths, you should visit Life Imaging Fla. The following are the common causes that increase the risk of heart disease.


Smoking has been highlighted as a major cause of coronary heart disease. When smoking, the person inhales carbon monoxide and nicotine from the smoke. These substances strain the heart, prompting it to work faster. Moreover, they increase the risk of suffering from blood clots. The smoke also has other chemicals that can damage your coronary arteries. These increase the risk of developing heart disease. To reduce the risk of heart disease, you should quit smoking. If you are addicted to smoking, you should visit a specialist to give you the plan to help you quit it.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause heart disease since it strains the individual’s heart and blood vessels. If the person has persistent high blood pressure, it boosts the risk of suffering from critical conditions such as heart attacks and heart disease. The person can also suffer from heart failure, strokes, and vascular dementia. The main problem with high blood pressure is that some people take a long before realizing it. It would be best if you visited a specialist to check your blood pressure regularly.


This health condition causes blood clots in the artery or vein. If the problem develops at the coronary artery, it will hinder the blood supply to the heart muscle, causing a heart attack or stroke. The common causes of thrombosis are smoking, obesity, or pregnancy. You can note that you have thrombosis when chest pain, swelling in one leg, and numbness on one side of the body.

High Cholesterol

Even though cholesterol plays a critical part in the body, it has a negative impact when it is in excess. Too much cholesterol can block your blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart problems and stroke. One challenge of high cholesterol is it does not have any symptoms. Therefore, the person will have to visit the specialist for a blood test.


Diabetes is a condition where the individual’s blood sugar levels rise. Diabetes doubles the individual’s risk of suffering from coronary heart disease. The main reason is that it makes the lining of the patient’s blood vessels thicker, restricting blood flow. Since all the body parts require a blood supply, it will strain the heart. If you have diabetes, you should take insulin injections and eat healthily.

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