Snoring Kiddos: 4 Signs Of Trouble That Parents Must Be Concerned

Snoring conditions are relatively usual for adults and elders. Snoring treatment in Singapore is now accessible for snorers of all ages. Thanks to the skills and knowledge of the medical experts! Did you know that snoring can also happen to children? The most frequent reason for snoring in children is exhaustion.

But when should you be concerned that snoring in your children is a problem?

1. Hyperactivity, exhaustion, and excessive sleepiness during the day

Children have these tendencies to be really hyper and active during the day, which may cause snoring at night. Snoring in children due to exhaustion is normal. But when they start to feel tired and sleepy even without draining activities, that’s when you must see an ENT doctor or a paediatrician for your child.

2. Behavioural problems

When your kid suddenly changes their behaviour, it’s a sign that you should be concerned with the snoring in your children. They may become cranky or irritable at first, then gradually turn aggressive.

3. Poor school performance

One of the typical signs of snoring trouble is zoning out. If they frequently space out or are having difficulties taking heed, it may result in an abrupt drop in grades and poor school performance. If this is the case, your child may need snoring treatment in Singapore.

4. Health conditions

Two of the typical health conditions caused by snoring in children are obesity and high blood pressure. Snoring in children can also occur because of their diet. So try changing your child’s diet, reduce their calorie intake, and let them practice a healthier lifestyle.

If the snoring in your children is left untreated, they may get sleep apnea. There are available treatments for sleep apnea in Singapore. But as a parent, would you risk waiting for sleep apnea to affect your child? As soon as you see the signs aforesaid, consult an ENT doctor ASAP.

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