Why Should You Consider  Knee Arthroscopy

Knee pain is one of the leading common pain conditions affecting over 40% of adults in America. Some might ignore knee pain, but it can affect your body’s functionality and limit your overall productivity. Unfortunately, knee pain can happen to almost everyone regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the condition is inevitable since knee arthroscopy San Antonio procedures will address any chronic knee condition for a quick recovery. Typically, knee pain results from sprains, fractures, dislocations, or ligament tears, and in such cases, an arthroscopy might be your excellent solution. Here is what there is to know about the procedure.

Understanding knee arthroscopy

It’s a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to both diagnose and treat any chronic condition in your joints. While examining your knee, the surgeon puts an arthroscope insertion through a minor incision in your skin. After analyzing the leading cause of your knee pain, the surgeon may rectify it using small instruments incorporated in the arthroscope. However, as with other surgical processes, it’s essential to proceed when the benefits outweigh the risks associated.

When is an arthroscopy recommended?

Being a minimally invasive procedure, arthroscopy may be recommended when you need an accurate diagnosis. During the process, your entire knee is screened to identify where the problem is and if there is any other arising knee issue. Furthermore, arthroscopy might serve you best when you have been directed to have knee surgery. Compared to other knee surgeries, this procedure uses tiny surgical tools, thus promoting faster healing.

In addition, if you have been trying conservative treatments that didn’t work best for you, arthroscopy might be your best deal. Typically, treatments like physical therapy and knee injections can only postpone the need for surgery. If your pain persists after conservative treatments, your condition calls for an arthroscopy.

Benefits of a Knee arthroscopy

The procedure is advanced with state-of-the-art technology, and unlike traditional knee surgeries, caries along mouthwatering benefits. Here are the five most significant benefits to enjoy if you settle for knee arthroscopy.

1. Minimally invasive

The whole procedure uses tiny surgical procedures, which quickens the process and leaves few after-surgical effects. Arthroscopy is also known as minimally invasive knee surgery or keyhole surgery.

2. It has no specific wait time

Arthroscopy is usually helpful as it allows your provider to diagnose and treat your condition within a short time. Your diagnosis and treatment can happen on a similar date.

3. It impacts less joint stress

During an open surgical process, your knee joint structure is likely to be affected even after the surgery. However, an arthroscopy spares your joint structures and impacts less stress since it only targets the affected area.

4. It’s a low risky procedure

The risks associated with the procedure are mostly limited, and the final outlook appeals to many patients. Although the recovery process is quick, it may differ depending on the severity of your knee condition.

5. Less pain and fast recovery

Since an arthroscopy isn’t invasive, it’s a comfortable process and is finished within a few hours. Amazingly, you can leave the hospital and return to your workplace without discomfort.

You don’t have to lead a life full of debilitating knee pains. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Cody Covington MD understands how chronic pain can affect your quality of life and offers arthroscopy procedures professionally. If you have been struggling with knee pain, contact Cody Covington, MD, to book your specialized treatment session today!