What to do if I get a minor burn?

First-degree burns are extremely common and non-fatal. They can occur occasionally, especially if you love to cook. Hair straighteners and curling iron can also cause first-degree burns. First-degree burns, unlike severe second and third-degree burns, only affect the top layer. 

Most in-home remedies are enough to treat first-degree burns. However, you need to know the correct methods to stop infecting the burnt area. While first-degree burns are not fatal, they may leave a scar if not treated properly. Let’s know what you need to do if you sustain minor injuries waxahachie as burns. 

  • Cool the Burn: When you get a first-degree burn, you will experience a severe burning sensation for the first couple of minutes. In the meantime, you need to immerse the burnt area under cool tap water. You can also apply ice or a cold compressor to prevent the burning sensation from increasing gradually. Follow this process for about 10 minutes before the pain goes. Do not apply any other chemicals instead of water to reduce the burning sensation, as they might make your symptoms more severe. 
  • Apply Petroleum Jelly: Don’t make the mistake of applying toothpaste, ointment, or butter to the burnt place. Many people assume that these things will help them reduce the burning sensation. However, these products often contain chemicals that will further increase the risks of infection. You also need to avoid topical antibiotics. If you have petroleum jelly in your house, start applying it on the affected place twice or thrice a day. 
  • Sun Protection: Once the healing process starts, protect the area from sunlight and UV rays exposure. Seek shade whenever possible, wear full-sleeve clothing, and apply a water-resistant and broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. Sunlight will trigger the symptoms of burning again if exposed for a prolonged time. Protective clothing and sunscreen will minimize redness, scarring, and burning sensation. It will prove helpful, especially to people with dark skin tones. 
  • Use Sterile Bandage: The burnt place will take a significant amount of time to heal. Sometimes, outdoor elements such as dust and debris can cause infection in the wound. This is why you need to use a sterile bandage to cover the wound. Don’t pop the blisters, and let them heal on their own. 

First-degree burns usually get healed without any medical assistance. However, you need to seek medical attention when the first-degree burn is quite large. If you’re elderly or if the victim is an infant, don’t rely on in-home remedies.