Tips To Grow Premium Quality Cannabis Buds

Are you one of the cannabis enthusiasts? 

Are you tired of contacting your supplier for cannabis buds every week or other day?

Have you experienced the really good stuff that will get you the best high in your life?

Ever wondered about the highest quality buds that knock people out and gives the best feeling? 

The fact is that a bit of knowledge and tips will help you grow your cannabis buds of the optimum quality. You can successfully grow your buds of better quality than those suppliers or dispensaries. 

You can say goodbye to the bad stuff and grow and enjoy the best cannabis buds by following this guide and tips to grow cannabis. So tighten up your belts and grab the knowledge to consistently grow and get high with the top-grade cannabis buds.

Tip #1: Get Top Grade Seeds For Best Quality Buds 


Well, you may not know, but most people end up with a bad cannabis harvest to use poor-quality seeds. Crazy, right? Having the best seeds is crucial for having the best cannabis buds. 

You have to use the top-shelf genetic seeds to get the best bud quality. You can buy such genetic seeds from a local dispensary, but not get the satisfied results. What to do then? Well, online seed banks or companies are the best solution these days.

Why waste time on a dispensary when you can sit back at home and get your genetic seeds shipped. Grab your phone, place the order, and here you’re a step closer to gorgeous, potent and best quality buds.

Get the top-grade seeds from a certified US company along with the owner’s manual and guide with the assurance of its quality. At you get premium quality seeds for growing cannabis buds. You can buy your seeds from this company for a guarantee of the best quality and germination. 

Be a true American and buy from here.

Tip #2: Testing The pH Level of Water


Have you bought and poured down your cannabis seeds? If yes, then the next tip will be to maintain and test the pH level of water used in your bud’s growth. 

If you want the best growth outcome of your cannabis buds, then knowing the pH level is essential. If you are growing cannabis sativa strain, your recommended pH substrate will vary. You can follow a standard pH level of water of 5.5 to 7.0 for indoor greenhouse cannabis growth.

If your pH level is out, the cannabis cannot absorb the nutrients effectively, giving a poor harvest result. So use proper water and maintain the pH level for the best cannabis buds.

Additionally, it is important for you to know the type of water to use for your cannabis buds growth. The best solution is using distilled water for your cannabis. This water is free from chemicals and minerals and plays a key role in best quality growth of your buds.

Tip #3: Put it in an Abundant Light Area


It is obvious for any plant to grow under proper sunlight. The same goes with your cannabis buds too. It will need abundant light to enhance its size and quality. 

If you are using high-quality genetic seeds, then it will become essential for you to maintain a good powered light supply to the growing buds. If you choose underpowered lights like incandescent bulbs, then say adios to your high quality buds.

If you choose CFLs and T5s to grow larger cannabis buds, then you may face trouble. These lights are great growing lights which you can use to grow smaller plants for the best quality buds.

You can harvest the best potent and dense buds from powerful grow lights like LEDs, HPS, and LECs. If you want super potent buds and optimum growth of buds in the flowering stage, you can completely rely on these lights.

Use the best powered, strong, and bright light to put your buds to grow, especially in their flowering stage with great potency, density, smell and yields. So, get your lights ready!

Tip #4: Provide Essential Nutrients and Supplements To Enhance The Bud Quality

Provide-Essential-Nutrients-To Enhance-The-Bud-Quality

Are you looking for supplements for your bud’s growth? It is essential to check if the buds are getting proper basic nutrients in the first place or not. 

Ensure that your growing buds are receiving low levels of nitrogen in the flowering stage, along with plentiful potassium and phosphorus. If you use too much of nitrogen in the ripening stage of your cannabis growth, you will get low-quality bud production.

You can use the recommended concentration of 30ppm of phosphorus and 250-450ppm of potassium along with other balanced nutrients for the optimum cannabis buds growth. If keeping track of such concentration looks troublesome for you, you can always choose a supplement.

In the second stage of growing your buds, try to use low nutrient levels for better taste and quality. You can enhance the quality of your buds with proper use of supplements in the flowering stage. The most effective supplement for your phosphorus or potassium needs is the PK boosters or shooting powders.

You can use different flavors of supplements such as the ones with sugar or carbohydrate. You can use the bloom enhancer supplement for a mix of nutrients, amino acids, etc., to get the best cannabis buds as a result.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the sugar bloom supplement booster, then you can consider choosing the blackstrap molasses. We recommend you to use the bloom enhancers as they deliver all the necessary nutrients, amino and humic acids, and trace minerals.

Tip #5: Maintain The Indoor Temperature And Humidity


If you’re growing cannabis buds indoors, you have to know the proper temperature ranges to support high quality bud production. You can use our recommendation and maintain the daytime temperatures around 65-80°F. If you are using CO2, then adjust the temperature to 80-90°F for best performance and take it back to the normal range before two weeks of harvest.

For any strain, you can keep the nighttime temperature around 68-75°F. Try not to go beyond the range, as cool temperatures can damage the bud quality and production. You have to lower the temperature a bit compared to daytime for enhancing the colors of the bud strains.

If you ignore the factor of humidity, you will encounter unexpected problems. You need to maintain higher humidity in the vegetative stage of your cannabis bud growth. You can maintain the humidity level above 40% or add a little moisture to cover the job. In the flowering stage, you can keep the humidity level between 40-50% for best results.

Tip #6: Maintain Good Air Flow And Ventilation


Have you followed all five tips? What now? Get a check on the air quality and the ventilation of the room where you are harvesting. Good air quality plays a key role in producing the best quality buds indoors. 

If you regulate the indoor air index, your cannabis buds will grow quickly and efficiently. A good ventilation system will help you to regulate the excess humidity or warm air in the room.

You can use an oscillating fan for growing average-sized two to three plants. For a larger harvest, you will need to use an exhaust system for better airflow and ventilation.

Tip #7: Lastly, Use Ratchet Straps For Drying/Curing The Buds

After you complete every stage of your harvest, you have to perform the final drying or curing task. This last tip will help you to get the end results and ready to consume buds.

If you’re growing cannabis buds in large proportions, then you will need ratchet straps to tie down the lights and equipment for drying. There are other ways too, you will have to decide which one is comfortable for you.

Drying your buds will help it to enhance the taste, smell, density, and potency. You can dry out your buds slowly in glass-covered jars for at least three to four weeks for tightening and making the buds denser.  

Enjoy Your Cannabis Buds


After drying, you will be able to see the best quality cannabis buds and enjoy consuming them with the best high experience ever.

To conclude

This post is an insightful read into growing a cannabis harvest that offers amazing yields to the cultivator. You can start growing your buds from today with the best quality seeds for the best high experience. 

Get these tips into action, brag your best buds to friends, and enjoy the moments without worrying about visiting the dispensary.