The Ups & Downs of Getting Nose Fillers in Singapore

Before heading to the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore for nose fillers, it is crucial for customers like you to understand the pros and cons of this procedure. You shouldn’t head to a specialist with no knowledge and end up complaining about something you should know. If you want to learn more about nose fillers, read this article and understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: Painless Procedure

Like every other procedure, it is perfectly normal for customers like you to ask if nose fillers in Singapore are painful. Fortunately, you won’t feel anything during the treatment. This detail removes the need for anaesthesia. However, should you need it, your aesthetic clinic will most likely have numbing cream available to apply before it begins.

Pros: Instant Results

Since nose fillers involve careful and strategic injections in your nose, you can expect results to be instantaneous. You can see how it reshapes and improves nasal contours according to your needs. Moreover, the treatment is reversible should you experience complications or want to try other shapes.

Cons: Temporary

Unfortunately, nose fillers are temporary and typically last somewhere between nine to twelve months. While it is an instant and painless procedure to improve your nose, it can be a hassle to head to your aesthetic clinic yearly for touch-ups.

Cons: Can’t Meet Unrealistic Expectations

Another disadvantage or myth that customers like you may have about nose fillers is that it is capable of solving various problems and drastic changes to your nose. While some of these misconceptions come from photoshopped social media posts, you need to know that a nose fillers treatment, at least the one that doesn’t require surgery, has its limitations and is incapable of correcting problems like deviated septum and drooping nose tip.

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