Shake off Dull Skin and Flaunt a Dazzling Fresh Look with Microneedling

Dry, dull skin can get you down. It will make you appear older than you are. The good news is that your reliable Houston, TX aesthetic center and wellness spa offers various aesthetic treatments, including microneedling to help patients shake off notable aging signs. The spa treatment will revamp your look with as minimal as a single session. In a few minutes, your dry skin will have an even tone, silky-smooth, and a youthful appearance. For instance, your healthcare provider might not suggest microneedling if you have active skin infections or open wounds. Additionally, the medical professional will advise you to take a year before you go for the treatment, especially if you take Accutane for acne for the treatment to wear off.  

How can microneedling help you get your glow back?

The cosmetic treatment entails rolling a special wand with tiny needles on your skin surface. The device creates microscopic wounds, triggering elastin and progestin production deep inside your skin. The elastin and progestin production and cell regeneration that results from the treatment leave your skin looking soft and healthy. Additionally, the regeneration minimizes skin dryness, giving it a new glow. Other notable benefits microneedling might have on your skin include:

Scar treatment

Thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production during the treatment, microneedling effectively addresses acne and other small scars on your skin’s surface. Thus, your healthcare provider can use the process to minimize the appearance of stretch marks likely to result from rapid growth, like during pregnancy. However, your aesthetician might not recommend the process when you have raised scars (keloids).

Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Though aging is inevitable, no one wishes to appear older than their actual age. Unfortunately, fine lines and wrinkles will make you look older. However, a microneedling session might help boost collagen and progestin levels in your skin fight the premature aging signs, making you look several years younger than you are. Besides the compounds lending your skin a youthful look, the wound-healing process stimulates the production of new cells, making the aging signs like wrinkles less prevalent.

Shrinks the pores on your skin

Though the treatment entails creating small wounds on your skin, microneedling does not enhance the pores’ sizes. Thanks to the stimulation, the surrounding areas of the pores become plump, shrinking the sizes of the pores.

Anti-aging remedy

Fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration are not the only signs of aging. Your skin gradually loses its elasticity as you age, making it lax. Aging skin looks dry and dull, losing its lustrous glow. However, microneedling can help address the issue. Collagen build-up in your skin after the treatment enhances skin structure, giving it a voluptuous quality. Besides age spots, microneedling can help minimize hyperpigmentation due to sun damage. Extensive hours of the sun might cause your skin to have an unsightly blotchy complexion. However, the treatment’s aftermath rebrands your skin, giving it an even tone.    

Microneedling has several benefits over other aesthetic treatments like chemical peels and laser treatments. Besides enjoying a dazzling glow after the procedure, the treatment has minimal side effects. Call your aesthetician if you are tired of dull skin to explore the treatment further.