Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the Complications

Fortunately, most sexually transmitted diseases can be treated effectively. But it is essential to intervene early and treat partners to avoid new infections and the development of complications.Even if additional examinations (samples, blood test, etc.) are always necessary because of the sometimes misleading aspect of the various infections, it is usual to start treatment as soon as the samples have been taken without waiting for the results.

Balanitis, for example, will lead to anticandidosis treatment. Imidazole milks will be applied after washing and drying thoroughly for three weeks (or ciclopirox olamine cream,). In some cases oral treatment with fluconazole may be necessary.

Urethritis without discharge, and after ruling out a urinary tract infection, prompts anti-chlamydial treatment. On the other hand, a urethritis with discharge calls for an antigonococcal and anti-chlamydial treatment because of the frequent co-infections (double infection). Choosing the right std clinic  is important in this case.

Treatment for vulvovaginitis depends on the suspected germ

The treatment of Trichomonas vaginalis vulvovaginitis is based on either a single dose treatment ( oral metronidazole or oral nimorazole ) or a 6-day treatment

The treatment of candidal vulvovaginitis is based either on an anticandidosis ovum placed in the vagina in the evening in a lying position, or on a single dose of oral fluconazole. It is often associated with the daily application of a cream or imidazole milk for a week.

  • Cervicitis systematically combines antigonococcal treatment and anti chlamydial treatment.
  • The vaginosis bacterial requires a long treatment, either orally (metronidazole) or local (metronidazole).

A genital ulceration giving rise to suspicion of syphilis requires an intramuscular injection of a single dose of penicillin (or in the event of allergy to penicillin, oral treatment with doxycycline). Sometimes taking erythromycin is associated, especially when it comes to chancroid. If the ulceration appears to be due to HSV, treatment with valacyclovir may be considered.

The Right Treatment

The treatment of genital warts is done by destruction. Either physical means (cryotherapy, electro coagulation, laser) or chemical means (trichloroacetic acid, podophyllin, 5-FU, imiquimod) are used.

Lhe Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) manifest themselves by various and often very discreet signs, in both men and women. However, it is essential to diagnose and treat these infections early to avoid the consequences they can cause.

  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Different pathologies but equivalent precautions
  • STDs are back in number
  • Here we will answer these questions by relying on some of the most frequently diagnosed STDs.

Treat STDs

If all of these STDs are not treated or diagnosed early, there is a risk of infection of the “upper” genital tract such as a tube infection or salpingitis that may be responsible. This happens in the absence of treatment, of sterility.

All of these diseases can have painful and impressive symptoms but if diagnosed early, complications can be avoided.For bacterial infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, antibiotic treatments   prescribed by a doctor are often quick and allow the infection to go away within about two weeks.For hepatitis B, although it is not yet possible to cure it completely, existing treatments can still stabilize patients by preventing possible serious complications. Of vaccines against hepatitis B are available for infants, which the prevent against this STD.