Make Your Dental Appointments More Comfortable With Sedation Dentistry

For many children and even adults, visiting a dentist can be terrifying. While there is no shame in being a little afraid, that is not enough reason to avoid dental care. If you struggle with severe dental anxiety, you may need to consider Irvine sedation dentistry at Smile by Design Dental to ensure throughout the procedure.

How sedation dentistry works

Sedation dentistry is meant to ensure your comfort during dental procedures. It is especially beneficial for individuals undergoing lengthy dental treatment or those with dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry involves sedation, meaning you will be awake but won’t experience any pain during your treatment. Some people call it twilight sleep or conscious sedation dentistry because it creates a state of temporary amnesia where you are insensitive to pain.

 Your dentist may recommend sedation dentistry if you frequently avoid dental appointments, become extremely anxious during a dental procedure, have low pain tolerance, have an overactive gag, or are afraid of drills and shots. The Smile by Design Dental team offers sedation dentistry for routine checkups and dental cleanings. Don’t be embarrassed to ask if you have any concerns or want to know more about sedation dentistry.

Available forms of sedation dentistry

Depending on your needs, sedation can be deep, moderate, or minimal. Minimal sedation means you are awake but relaxed; moderate sedation means you are awake but are unlikely to remember anything afterward, while deep sedation results in complete loss of consciousness. The Smile by Design Dental team provides oral sedation, which involves taking a pill before treatment. The medication keeps you awake but relaxed during treatment, although you may fall asleep once the effects kick in. Your dentist may also suggest intravenous (IV) sedation, which ensures that you are completely unconscious during the procedure. Your provider uses an IV line to administer the sedative directly into your body. The team monitors your oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate during the procedure. After treatment, you are unlikely to remember anything, making this form of sedation dentistry an excellent option for individuals with severe dental anxiety.

What to expect before sedation dentistry

You can talk to your provider about sedation dentistry during your initial consultation. The team may review your dental history and enquire if you are taking any supplements or medications. They then use these details to recommend the safest and most effective form of sedation dentistry. Your provider may advise you not to drink or eat anything six hours before your dental procedure. If you are taking any blood thinners, you may need to skip them for a few days before your dental appointment.

What to expect during sedation dentistry

Before the procedure, your physician administers the sedative medications. After your provider ensures you are comfortable and relaxed, you will still get the local anesthetic. After your treatment, you may need to arrange for a loved one to drive you home unless nitrous oxide is your choice of sedation. Your provider may recommend resting for a few hours until the sedation effects wear off.

Call the Smile by Design Dental office to explore more about sedation dentistry or schedule an appointment online today.