Issues You Should Not Be Afraid to Discuss With Your Gynecologist

Sexual and reproductive health matters pose complexity to individuals because it is not easy to know if you are healthy or experiencing possible health complications. You may find it difficult to reach out to your gynecologist due to fear. However, end this nervousness because the gynecologist has come across such issues and is available to offer support. Whenever you have sexual or reproductive issues, do not look any further because Garden City gynecology might be the solution. The following are matters you should not be afraid to discuss with your gynecologist.

Painful Periods

To several women, receiving their period sometimes comes with a lot of pain. To several women, period exceeds cramps contributing to vast symptoms. Are you experiencing pain becoming worse? It may signify uterine fibroids and endometriosis. This issue can translate to more severe complications; thus, you should always schedule a consultation with your gynecologist.

Sexual Discomfort

It is advisable to consult your gynecologist about sexual discomfort because there are always there to assist. Vagina dryness can be a common discomfort woman experience during sexual intercourse. Besides, you may feel discomfort because of pain during sex, making you try several positions for satisfaction. However, you may still feel uncomfortable, making it integral to schedule a consultation with your doctor.

Swelling Bumps

In most cases, it may be terrifying or devastating to notice growth in your vagina, either a pimple or a cut resulting from shaving. When you experience such a condition, you should consult your healthcare provider for examination once you feel something.

Sexual History

Do not worry whenever your doctor asks you how many have feared being judged or whether they have any STDs. These topics and questions will enable your doctor to know the risk of getting an HPV infection. Also, the topics will certify that you receive outstanding care from all sexual settings, including lesbians and bisexual members. 

Little Libido

Usually, women are unaware that they get low libido. Thus, it is crucial to talk to your gynecologist to evaluate what is contributing to your condition. You may experience low libido because of the medications you use or symptoms of medical complications. If you communicate with your gynecologist, they may prescribe the best measures to increase your libido.

Urinary Leak

Urinary leakages are associated with massive stress declining the quality of your life. These symptoms may be present when a woman is giving birth but worsens once the woman enters menopause.

Based on the nature of the leakage, you can select a medical or surgical treatment procedure. Luckily your gynecologist can suggest the ideal procedure and direct you to a pelvic disorder technician when required. 

People find it complex to talk to others about their sexual or reproductive health matters. If you are one of them, you stop this undertaking because the issue may translate to severe results. Look for assistance from Women’s Healthcare of Garden City, found in Garden City, NY. Dr. Gomes, M.D. provides kindhearted preventive screening for cervical cancer and pelvic exam that safeguard from serious complications. Make an appointment today with the doctor for a gynecology consultation.