How To Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions bring a lot of comforts and ease to every woman who’s had them. But they are delicate things that need care for them to last long. A lot often ask, “how long do they last?”. The answer to the question is, it is determined by what you do—or don’t do—to take care of them. You may be a regular at a lash extension salon or a newbie who wants to try something new. However, you must have aproperguide to help take care of your lashes. Three main reasons to take care of them are as follows. One, compromising your lash health can slow down new lashes; the buildup of dead skin can cause itchiness when they are not cleaned properly. Two, the better you take care of your professional volume eyelash extensions in Sydney offered by Fancy Lash, the longer they will last. Lastly, the better you retain them, the lesser the need for infill appointments. So, here is how you can take care of your eyelash extensions.

  1. The Do’s Of Eyelash Extension Care

Refrain from touching your eyelashes, especially during the first few hours of having them. The oil on your fingers causes strain on the lash root. For at least 24 to 36 hours after your first appointment, keep them as dry as possible. If you can’t avoid getting them wet, use lukewarm water and avoid any hot or steamy environment. Doing this will allow the adhesive to cure as strongly as possible. Try to control the oil on your face with oil-absorbing films, oil-control moisturizer, etc. especially if you have a very oily face. Use oil-free make-up and skincare products. It’s best to wipe them properly a few times a week; baby shampoo can be used too; they are tear-free. Always consult an expert when you encounter problems with your lash extensions.

  1. The Don’ts Of Eyelash Extension Care

Avoid touching your eyelashes, and when you need to rub your eyes, do it gently. Picking on your lash extensions can do severe damage to your natural lashes. Do not use any oily make-up or skincare products on your face as much as possible; avoid using mascara, eyeliner, lash primer, etc. Do not try to remove them; let the experts do it for you. But with lash extensions in Double Bay by Fancy Lash, you’ll surely want to remove them. Do not put strip lashes with adhesive on top of them; the lash extensions might come off when you remove the strip lashes.

Final Word

Usually, after application, people with sensitive skin experience itching and dry eyes, but this is normal. It’s normal to lose some lashes from day today. Several of these lash growth cycles are faster than others, sometimes your lashes grow faster, but sometimes they don’t. All these are normal, but what’s not normal is if you experience intense itching or redness, your eyes feel dry, gritty, and sandy, and excessive shedding of natural lashes during the first few days. Trust the experts and schedule an appointment to assess the problems. The need for infills depends on many variables like the volume of lashes you have, how well you treat them, your lash cycle, and many more. With the right information, you can take more appropriate care of your lash extensions.