How to Avoid Stains on Your Dentures 

Several factors can lead to teeth loss, although your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Dentures offer an effective way of replacing multiple missing teeth. The dentures Falls Church specialists can evaluate your needs to determine if you can benefit from dentures to improve your smile and help you live a normal life. But the dental appliances can harbor fungus and bacteria when not properly cleaned, leading to oral health issues like bad breath and inflamed gums. That is why you ought to keep the dentures clean. You also do not want your dentures to be stained. The following helpful tips can help you.

Use a Straw on Satin Causing Beverages

If your favorite drink can cause staining to your dentures, you can opt to use a straw. Remember to get a straw when drinking tea, coffee, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and blended beverages involving fruits like berries. The straw allows the drink to pass through your mouth without direct contact with your artificial teeth. This will help you avoid stains, especially on your frontal teeth.

Quit the Smoke

Smoking increases your chances of staining your new smile. Although it might not be easy at first, it is good that you discuss with your doctor about quitting smoking. Your provider can advise you and offer support to help you quit smoking effectively. Tobacco will stain your dentures and destroy your smile. So, it is better even to minimize the number of cigarettes you smoke and keep on improving until you win over smoking. It has more advantages to your general health.

Always Rinse the Denture

When you drink or eat something that can cause stains on your new teeth, rinsing the dental appliance can help avoid staining. Ensure you remove the dentures and rinse thoroughly under running water when you have had wine, coffee, tea, or any food with a stain. If you are not in a position to rinse your dentures well, you can drink water to combat any colorant.

Removing Existing Stains

If you already have stains in your dentures, you can take several steps to eliminate them. Consult your dentist and buy the best denture cleaning product from the local stores or pharmacies. You can get creams, gels, or liquid formulas you can use to cleanse your appliances. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the products. Also, ensure you rinse well and dry your dentures after cleaning before putting them back.

Use Baking Soda and Water

Mixing water and baking soda gives you a cleaning solution you can use to eliminate stains from your dentures. You should soak your appliances in the solution for about 20 minutes, then rinse them with plain tap water. But do not use anything abrasive to brush them. Also, ensure you use a towel or any other dry cloth to dry your dentures before setting them back to position. However, it would help if you did not do this too often. Only repeat the process once every week since baking soda is abrasive.

Brush Well

Brushing continues after getting dentures. It would help if you brushed your dentures as directed by your dentist as you would brush your natural teeth. Brush at least twice every day and get to every part of the appliances. But be gentle to avoid breaking them down. You can also buy a special brush for dentures.

If you consider dentures, reach out to the Gentle Touch Dental PC specialists for help. Your provider will help you know if you can benefit from the appliances and guide you in the aftercare regime. You can book your consultation appointment online.