Home remedies to Help Resolve Sciatica

Your sciatica nerve is susceptible to multiple injuries and complications, being the largest nerve in your body and running from your mid-back to your toes. Sciatica is the most common issue and always signifies a deeper underlying complication. However, the condition can be very painful, interfering with your daily life. Fortunately, Holmdel sciatica specialists are determined to diagnose the condition accurately and effectively manage the symptoms to restore the quality of life. Additionally, there are several practices you can do at home to help get some relief. See herein for more information.

Relax for a Few Days

It would help if you took a break from your activities when experiencing sciatica symptoms for several days. Remember that sciatica results from your sciatic nerve compression, and it is not happy with how you are moving. Some behaviors involving back movements can trigger more painful symptoms in your lower back, and stopping your movements can offer some relief. Take it easy and take some time to rest as you plan for further treatment. Your symptoms can g away with rest for acute sciatica.

Get Your Body Moving Again

This is not contradicting what we have just mentioned above. Resting will help alleviate the initial pain, but you will need to keep moving once the pain goes away. Please do not take it too easy with sciatica. Take some time and go for a walk, practice some calf raises, and generally stay active. But also, remember not to overdo it to avoid pushing your body too far and worsening your situation. Staying active improves blood flow which can facilitate healing. Remember to take breaks from watching and stand up and walk around.

Soothe the Inflammation

Ice packs have been found effective in soothing away inflammation. Just ensure it is the right treatment for you from your doctor. Generally, hold an ice pack or a bag of frozen veggies and indirectly apply them to your painful area. Hold the pack for about fifteen minutes at an interval of about twenty minutes several times a day for the first seven days. It helps numb the pain away and combat the inflammation around your nerve. It attacks the inflammation directly, which is a good way to begin your recovery.

Use Heat

When cooling fails to offer you relief, you can try hot therapy. This involves using a heating pad on the painful area to release the tension on your nerve. Heat increases blood flow to your muscles speeding up your healing. You should leave the pad on your painful area for about fifteen minutes and repeat at a 20-minute interval. When using the pad at night, it is vital to be careful not to fall asleep with the ad on to avoid complications like skin burns.

Take Painkillers

Some over-the-counter medications like naproxen and ibuprofen have been ideal for managing sciatica pain. They can reduce swelling in the muscles around your nerve to alleviate your symptoms. You can also consult your doctor for prescription painkillers when you do not find relief from the over-the-counter option. It is also important you talk to your doctor before buying medications from your local stores or pharmacy.

Sciatica pain can significantly affect the quality of your life. Get in touch with the specialists at Gramercy Pain Center to understand how you can get back to your quality life. Make a call or book an online appointment to discuss your options.