How Is Yemeni Honey Beneficial In Treating Sinus Infection?  

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The incredible healing benefits of honey are well-known to people across the world. They usually use it as a natural remedy to treat various health issues and alleviate the pain. But could this natural sweetener become a sweet remedial solution for people suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis? The answer to this question is yes!

Studies have proved that Yemeni honey is helpful for those experiencing sinusitis. It is an aggravation of the sinuses that could be an aftereffect of bacterial, contagious, hypersensitive or viral infections – also called rhinosinusitis, which includes an inflammation of the nose.

The scientists examined the activity of honey on microorganisms loaded networks called “biofilms,” liable for some persistent inflammations, including sinusitis. Biofilms are known to reject prescription anti-microbial and over-the-counter cures generally utilized by patients with sinus symptoms.

Sinusitis is prevalent among people of all age groups and is one of the most frequently diagnosed chronic conditions. Symptoms of sinusitis may include trouble breathing through the nose, aching behind the eye area, headache, sinus congestion, tenderness in the cheeks, nasal discharge, or postnasal drip.

Why is Honey Beneficial in Curing Sinus Issues?

Some leading causes of sinus are lack of a healthy diet, steady openness to harmful chemical substances and expanded feelings of anxiety because of hectic life schedules that bring a more significant risk of developing sinus. Accordingly, maintaining a healthy immune system can help in anticipation of sinus diseases. Regular use of bee honey assists with keeping sinus disease under control. The advantages of honey are numerous, and it has ended up being decisive in different sorts of nose and throat diseases, including sore throats. Biofilms are microorganisms that shape a defensive layer in sinus holes and can prompt constant infections. Further, a review stated that honey kills around 70-90% of the microscopic organisms and biofilms, while the antibiotics were just 18% powerful. Hence, honey for the sinus is a viable and cheap preventive measure as well as a cure.

  1. Honey is also rich in antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties and kills the bacteria responsible for causing sinus issues.
  2. It is highly beneficial in reducing inflammation.
  3. It assists well in fighting bacteria to relieve the throat from coughing and soreness.
  4. It helps strengthen the immune system, makes the body capable of fighting against bacteria in the future, and keeps sinusitis at bay.

Ways to Consume Honey to Treat Sinus Infection?


  • Yemeni honey & Garlic –
  1. Take 4-6 garlic cloves and peel them. Cut the garlic cloves into fine pieces.
  2. Blend the cloves in with two teaspoons of Yemeni Sidr honey.
  3. It’s good to consume this mixture before every meal to gain magical results.
  4. It is also good to mix one teaspoon of honey with finely crushed garlic cloves and a few drops of olive oil. This mixture can also be used as a topping on bread.
  • Yemeni honey & Lemon –
  1. It is good to mix one tablespoon of honey with two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and heat it. Consuming this warm concoction is a great way to eradicate the mucus and prevent sinus.
  1. Both these ingredients can be used in another way also. Take one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of new lemon juice, two tablespoons of apple juice vinegar and a small amount of lukewarm water. Mix all these ingredients appropriately. To gain beneficial results, drink this mixture thrice a day to calm your nasal pits and get help from sinus disease. For better results, add three grounded garlic cloves and add it to the mixture for additional alleviation.

Persistent sinusitis ought not to be considered as a minor confined infection condition; instead, it can cause severe clinical degrees of distress in numerous patients. It’s good to find natural solutions for sinus infections that are demonstrated by science to work genuinely. So does this data imply that one should put honey up in the nose if they have sinus issues? No!

To begin with, you might have a kind of sinus infection brought about by alternate microorganisms, whereas honey might give next to zero advantage. Second, you might have a condition that is not bacterial sinus contamination by any means. Finally, sensitivities and infections that cause upper respiratory tract infections can deliver comparative symptoms.

Take necessary consultation from the doctor and use natural remedial solutions to maintain a healthy body. Since sinus infections can be brought about by many factors and are handily mistaken for different conditions, it is always suggested to take the doctor’s advice to find the ideal treatment for you.

Eat healthily and stay healthy!