Facial Plastic Surgery Solutions and their benefits

The cosmetic industry has been continuously growing in recent times. This may be attributed to its popularization on the internet and its ever-growing reach worldwide. There has been greater scrutiny of cosmetic procedures as the operation’s results can now be easily exposed and accessed by interested parties. This has significantly improved the quality of service and the chances of getting your desired results. Most cosmetic operations involve the face and surrounding areas. Dr. Kenneth W. Sanders is a renowned facial plastic surgeon with vast experience and knowledge on cosmetic procedures and treatment plans. The article below discusses the various sectors of facial plastic surgery.

What is Facial Plastic Surgery?

 This is an operation to reshape or reconstruct structures in your neck and head areas such as the ears, chin, neckline, and cheekbones. The operation may be warranted by a disease or injury that requires facial reconstruction. Other reasons for getting facial plastic surgery include:

  • To change features from birth that are not desirable
  • To make your facial features proportionate to one another
  • To remove contour irregularities
  • To reverse the signs of aging

Many types of facial plastic services and surgeries achieve different results. They include:

Chin Implants

Your facial balance can be interfered with by an underdeveloped or weak chin. Augmentation of your chin through an implant improves your facial harmony and often accompanies facelift, neck lift, or rhinoplasty procedures.

It is performed by inserting well concealed, tiny incisions to minimize scarring. The procedure can take less than an hour with minimal discoloration, bruising, and recovery.

Brow Lift

This forehead lift raises your brows to refresh facial areas showing signs of aging, like the forehead, brow line, or upper eyelids. Brow lifts are done through two methods, i.e., endoscopic and hairline. The endoscopic approach uses more minor cuts thus is minimally invasive. Brow lifts and eyelid surgery are typically done at the same time.

Ear Pinning

Some people have ears that have protruded too far from the head and become too prominent. Minor cuts are made in the crease behind the ear and closed with dissolvable sutures. This outpatient procedure has minimal discomfort while taking close to two hours.


This removes sagging tissue and excess skin in the jowls, face, and neck to remove visible signs of aging. The procedure can:

  • Smoothen the jawline in the jowl area
  • Redrape your facial skin
  • Restore a more youthful neck contour

Small, well-hidden incisions are made at the hairline and around the ear. This preserves your hairline while giving a natural look.

Eyelid Surgery

Areas around the eyes reveal the first signs of aging, including tiredness or heaviness. The surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids.

Its main aims are fixing droopy eyelids, removing excess fat and tissue under the eye, and smoothening the junction between lower eyelids and midface.

A discussion in detail with your surgeon should be done so that you both are on the same page regarding expected results. Most of these procedures take a short time thus are convenient. Call or check out our offices in Shreveport, LA, to book a consultation.