All You Need To Know About LEEP

LEEP is an abbreviation for loop electrosurgical excision procedure. This procedure enables your doctors to remove abnormal growths in your cervix and test them for cancer if necessary. LEEP in Atlanta uses a wire loop heated with electric currents to excise some tissues and cells from your cervix or vagina. The cells are then tested to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan for cancerous or abnormal conditions. Here is everything you need to know about LEEP

Why You Would Need LEEP

LEEP can be done if vaginal or cervical problems are found during a pelvic exam or abnormal cell growths are seen after a Pap test. LEEP is mainly done to determine if you have vagina or cervix cancer.

Abnormal cells that are not yet cancerous are called precancerous. These cells can be evidence of cancer that could develop in the future. LEEP can also aid in diagnosing and treatment for the following conditions:

  • Benign growths
  • Diethylstilbestrol (DES) increases the risk of cancer in the reproductive systems.
  • Genital warts that indicate infection with HPV

How to Prepare For LEEP

Your caregivers will explain the LEEP procedure, and you get to ask questions. They will ask you to sign a consent form before doing the procedure. You should read the form carefully and ask questions if some information is unclear.

Before the procedure, you don’t have to fast, and sedation is not needed. If you are pregnant, ensure you tell your doctor before it’s too late. Also, tell them if you are allergic or sensitive to any medications or anesthesia.

If you have a history of bleeding disorders or are using blood-thinning medicines, talk to your doctor because they can cause complications during the procedure. LEEP is typically done when you are not on your menstrual cycle. Ensure you follow this and other instructions your doctors give you.

What Happens During The Procedure?

LEEP can be done in your doctor’s office or on an outpatient basis. This procedure varies depending on your provider’s expertise and your condition.

You will be asked to undress from the waist down or entirely and wear a hospital gown during the procedure. You will be asked to empty your bladder before the process and lie on a table with your legs supported.

Your doctor will insert an instrument known as a speculum into the vagina to spread its walls to expose the cervix. A colposcopy is used to magnify the tissues, and it doesn’t enter the vagina. Your doctor will clean the cervix with a vinegar solution that makes the abnormal tissues turn white and make them more visible. The LEEP wire is passed through the abnormal tissues to remove them. The amount of tissues removed depends on whether LEEP is being used to remove abnormal tissue or if it’s used for diagnosis.

LEEP is a very safe procedure with rare complications. If you feel abnormalities in your reproductive systems, kindly contact Ideal Gynecology, LLC. They have experts specializing in women’s health services, including treating abnormal cell growth in the cervix and vagina. Please schedule an appointment with them today.