A Guide To Scoliosis Treatments Options In Singapore

Do you notice that your shoulders are uneven when you look in the mirror, and your neck feels pain in Singapore? If so, you should be aware that these are common symptoms of scoliosis. It is a common spinal malformation or curvature that can affect people of any age.

According to Today Online, two to three adolescents out of every hundred have scoliosis in Singapore. Teenagers frequently conceal the fact that they have developed this condition because they feel ashamed and do not want to be a burden.

People with scoliosis, however, should know that hiding that they have scoliosis can only worsen their condition. If left untreated, their spinal malformation may cause heart problems and reduce lung capacity.

When it comes to sports injuries, the best way is to get an osteopath in Singapore for most athletes. Consider applying that kind of mindset to your condition. Doing so should help your scoliosis improve by going through treatment. Below are the options you have besides undergoing surgery.

Scoliosis Treatments Options In Singapore

1. Non-Surgical Procedures

Most doctors recommend patients with scoliosis try non-surgical procedures first because these may offer temporary relief and may reduce spinal malformation.

a. Physical Or Chiropractic Therapy

A physical or chiropractic therapist from your chosen clinic in Singapore will teach and guide you each session on movements that can help foster a healthier spine.

b. Schroth Method

Another non-surgical procedure is the Schroth method. The doctor will help your spine malformation return to a more neutral position by strengthening particular muscles that can help support the spine.

c. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

As the name suggests, this non-surgical procedure involves stimulating the nerves around the spine area through electrical waves that go out from small electrode pads placed on the skin. Since this procedure involves the use of a form of electricity, some people prefer calling it shockwave therapy in Singapore.

2. Change Of Lifestyle 

While doing the non-surgical procedures mentioned above, doctors will also suggest changing something in your lifestyle, such as:

a. Healthy Diet

A normal BMI can prevent adding more pressure on the spine which can worsen its malformation.

b. Sleep Modification

Incorrect sleeping position can also worsen scoliosis. A chiropractic specialist at your chosen clinic in Singapore will recommend some sleep positions that you should take note of when you fall asleep.

3. Casting 

It involves moulding the spine with plaster. Depending on the patient’s age, the replacement of the cast happens every eight to fifteen weeks.

4. Bracing

If casting did not work, the spine specialist would then recommend the patient with scoliosis wear bracing. Unlike hundreds of years ago, braces for scoliosis today are available in polyethene plastic, which is safer and more comfortable than metal braces.

The Bottom Line

Getting your scoliosis treated in Singapore can lead you to a blissful life. Just remember that the treatment for scoliosis does not end overnight. It is a continuous process you must go through with your chosen medical experts.

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