Why You Should Opt For Esketamine Nasal Spray for Depression

Do you have drug-resistant depression, which is pushing you towards suicide? Unfortunately, living with depression is challenging as it makes your life difficult, the drug-resistant depression might be ongoing for an extended time, impacting your life significantly. You should opt for esketamine Spravato Atlanta nasal spray, which works on depression effectively. The nasal spray can alleviate drug-resistant depression; here is why you should opt for nasal spray esketamine for chronic depression.

What Is Esketamine Nasal Spray

Esketamine nasal spray is derived from ketamine anesthetic, which treats depression; it is a more potent form of ketamine. FDA approved esketamine as a nasal spray for the treatment of chronic depression. However, patients should use it in lower doses due to its potency, and a doctor will guide you on the proper administrations to avoid any severe effects. Thus they will administer it in a clinic setting. The medication might alert your perception for the first two hours after spraying the nose. Thus, the doctor will observe the effects of the treatment and allow the patient to go home when the effects have passed.

Are You Eligible for the Nasal Spray?

Most patients are good candidates for the esketamine nasal spray; the doctor will consider the effects of depression on your health. Chronic depression might cause suicidal thoughts and make one live in agony. However, the doctor should prove that the depression is drug-resistant, meaning you would have taken other antidepressant medications for six weeks without getting better. The anti-depression medications should improve your mood if you stick with the doctor’s recommendations. Thus, esketamine nasal treatment may be suitable for chronic depression, and it will let you live a happy life and prevent suicidal thoughts.

How Does Not Work On Depression

The nasal spray increases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine production; these are natural antidepressants that alleviate your moods. The released chemicals and hormones will communicate with the nervous system and the brain, thus affecting your moods positively. The drug also increases glutamate, an abundant chemical in the brain; thus, its impact is excellent on the brain, re-wiring it, thus alleviating depression.

It Leads To Rapid Relief

Antidepressants might be slow-acting, and it would take several weeks before you get desirable results. Still, esketamine nasal spray works instantly, and you will feel better in a few hours. The medications might confuse the first hours as they change the chemical composition in the brain and the nervous system, but you will feel well after a few hours.

It Reduces Suicidal Thoughts

Chronic depression makes one miserable and increases suicidal thoughts; thus, the medication prevents self-harm and suicide. The nasal spray works well for young children and adults who might not be eligible for certain medications. Moreover, it is effective for up to 33% of people with depression who do not respond to conventional medications. However, you may experience weight gain, metabolic changes, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Chronic depression leads to self-harm and suicide, and you should find medications that can alleviate your moods. Unfortunately, depression might not respond to topical treatments, and you would need Esketamine nasal spray, which works on chronic depression and alleviates mood.