Why a Healthy Sex Life is Important

Sex topics seem taboo in most communities, and you might not understand the importance of a healthy sexual life. However, sexual health Houston education is paramount as it determines the fertility rate, the prevalence of STDs, and life quality. Although some schools have introduced sex education into their curriculum, what you learn at school might be the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, you should see a gynecologist as they address sexual health issues and help you achieve positive sex life experiences. These are the importance of having a healthy sex life.

You Learn About Consent

Your sex life will be communicated if you don’t have open and honest communication with your partner. Consent is the ability to agree or disagree with a sex partner about sexual advances. You should not let your partner violate your consent when you don’t feel like engaging in sexual activities. First, you should allow them to touch you when you feel comfortable with their actions. Moreover, you may allow them to engage in sexual activities if you feel okay with their sexual advances.

It Teaches Women about the Importance of Family Planning

Once your menstruation begins, you will be biologically ready to conceive and have a child. However, the fact that your body is ready to carry children does not mean you should be a mother. You may opt for an effective family planning method that works for you when you engage in sexual activities. The gynecologist will study how your body reacts to the hormonal pills, injections, and inserts and recommend the non-hormonal IUD to deal with hormonal imbalance.

It Reduces the Prevalence of STDs

Sexual health education will prevent the prevalence of STDs within a community as individuals learn how to avoid infections. You may opt for monogamy or use barrier protection like condoms. Furthermore, learning the early symptoms of STDs leads to effective treatment. You may opt for vaccinations to deal with HPV, which causes cervical cancer and other health complications.

Improves Your Fertility

Sexual health education will increase your fertility as your gynecologist will recommend the right nutritional and lifestyle changes to increase the chances of conception. They will recommend that patients engage in sexual activities during ovulation and promote the intake of mineral supplements like iron and zinc. Moreover, the doctor recommends hormonal treatments and other interventions to improve fertility.

Deals with Reproductive Cancers

Sexual health education leads to better diagnosis and treatment of reproductive cancer. The gynecologist might test for HPV or ask patients if they had the condition in the past when dealing the cervical cancers. Additionally, they may recommend X-rays and MRIs for testing ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. Treatments for reproductive cancer include the removal of malignant cells and chemotherapy.

Although sexual issues seem personal, it is better to see a gynecologist who understands your needs. The gynecologist will teach you about consent, an important issue when dealing with a sexual partner. Although some partners might be pushy and ask you to engage in certain sexual activities, you should tell them when they violate your rights. Additionally, the gynecologist will teach you ways to prevent STDs. They will improve fertility and allow mothers to have healthy babies. Gynecologists and urologists will treat reproductive cancers such as prostate, cervix, and ovarian cancers.