When Do You Have to Undergo Dental Emergency?- Some Examples

Dental emergencies may be referred to a situation when a person needs to be rushed to the hospital for dental treatment. We all may have faced such a situation in our lifetime. To avoid them, it is suggested to look after our dental health properly, which many of us don’t. It is imperative to understand upper east side emergency dentistry so that we can get the right treatment at the right time and stay healthy. Besides that, you should never ignore dental emergencies because the issue may get severe over a period of time.

Examples of dental emergencies

Some of the situations, when you need to rush to a good dentist are elaborated on below:

Severe toothache 

A toothache may be common but it can make you disturbed and away from your work. You will not be able to focus on your work if you have a toothache. Many over-the-counter medicines are available to get rid of this problem. However, it is a good idea to contact a dentist so that he can understand the root cause of the pain and suggest suitable treatment options.

Bleeding in gums

If you have swollen or bleeding gums, you should immediately call your doctor. Infection in the teeth is the major cause of swollen gums. Therefore, it is suggested to contact a dentist so that he can figure out whether you should undergo treatment or take medicines to get rid of swelling and pain. Likewise, bleeding should also be taken care of properly. 

An accident

If you have a broken tooth because of a sudden hit in an accident, you will have to contact a dentist. He will provide the appropriate treatment to stop bleeding and pain. He can also check whether the tooth can be saved from falling. Moreover, it needs to be rinsed with proper antibiotics, which you may not be able to do if you don’t rush to a doctor immediately. 


One of the reasons why you should contact a dentist on an urgent basis is that your fillings have fallen off your teeth. To get them back, you must get in touch with a dentist. He can suggest the best treatment for your broken or chipped tooth after proper examinations.

It is a good idea to have a dentist on your contact list so that you can reach out to him as and when dental emergencies arise.