What to expect  from a Thai massage

Thai massage is said to have originated in India about around 2500 years ago. This massage is originally regarded as part of healing art. Thai massage is influenced by both traditional Chinese medicine and ayurveda. Unlike the usual  western massages,  it doesn’t involve lying down on a bed as a massage therapist applies oil or lotion to work upon your muscles and pressure points. 

Instead you are supposed to remain fully clothed, lying down on a map  while the therapist stretches, pulls and uses other rocking techniques  to release the built-up tension accumulated in your muscles, to promote relaxation and to enhance blood circulation and flexibility. Sometimes Thai massage is also referred to as lazy yoga as your body is getting all the benefits of yoga while you remain  as your body is getting all the benefits of yoga while you remain absolutely still. This massage focuses on enhancing the flow of energy in the entire body. 

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Benefits of Thai massage

  • If you are experiencing any stiffness or pain while you move, this massage can help you in improving pure joint function 
  • Thai massage is beneficial to sports persons and athletes as it involves gradual 

stretching of the whole body along the person to relax. The dynamic stretches used in Thai massage are much deeper when compared to some other assisted stretching techniques in sports massage

  • Traditional Thai massage Helps in easing your symptoms of migraine attention and headaches
  • Thai massage is also an effective non Pharmaceutical way of reducing back pain especially  relieving the tightness of muscles in the upper back.
  • If you are an athlete or  in a profession that involves a lot of physical movements,  Thai massage could be the best option for you as it increases your flexibility  and enhances your range of motion which can help you move easily.

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Benefits of Thai massage could last upto 15 weeks. You should take complete rest and drink plenty of water after as this massage involves rigorous stretching and prodding. It is essential to inform the therapist of medical history involving any other comorbid conditions or injuries. It is advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothes when you choose Thai massage, as tight clothing can cause discomfort and limit the range of motion.

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