What is The Kundalini Activation Process

If you have ever done yoga or experienced tantra, you may have heard the term ‘kundalini.’ This is a type of divine feminine energy in Hinduism that is situated at the base of the spine. It is essentially your life force energy. It remains coiled there and relatively inactive and unless we intentionally activate it. That is where the kundalini activation process comes into play.

Kundalini activation is effective for taking away physical and emotional blocks. It brings an energetic freeing of space while also enhancing your vibration. This helps to rid your mind and body of negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

The kundalini activation also can remove feelings of depression or anxiety. As it activates, some people report feeling euphoric and are even open to psychic messages and body movements that are involuntary. If you never experienced this, it is an incredibly powerful transmission of energy. Many say that once activated, they have a tingling feeling of energy throughout their body. Some experience intense emotional releases with laughing, screaming, or crying.

The process to activate the kundalini is simple. While you lie peacefully on a yoga mat with eyes closed, music is played. The facilitator will point to different meridian points on your body. That is all that happens on the surface, but what is going on inside the body is totally different.

You may experience sudden movements because of the intense energy being released by your body. Some say that it can be a cathartic experience that offers realizations and deep insights. Others say they enter a blissful state or a higher level of consciousness.

During one of these sessions, every sign of a kundalini activation, from the first signs of energy flow to the later feelings of a dual state of being, are felt intensely by participants.

There is no special preparation needed for this process, but it is advised to eat light for a few hours before the session.

After it is activated, you may feel energy coursing through your body for several days. Some also say they have changes in mood and behavior, including changes in their interests, intense dreams, and disinterest in favorite foods. Some participants also report feeling more sensitive and more connected to their highest self.

This experience is considered safe, but be aware that some people feel previously unprocessed emotions. It is an intense experience, but worth it!