What Injuries Can You Sustain from an Auto-accident?

Generally, it is unpredictable when an accident will happen. Almost every day, you will hear about someone getting involved in an auto accident, causing several different injuries. The only way to be safe after an auto accident is by getting an auto accident clinic robbinsdale mn evaluation. The evaluation seeks to determine your level of injuries, then administer the necessary treatment to reduce complications that may develop after injuries. Therefore, seek medical attention following an injury, even if you feel okay. Read on to learn about some common injuries resulting from an auto accident.


You can easily develop bruising from an auto accident, which damages your blood vessels to cause leaking. As a result of the leakage, your skin will be discolored, but there will be no external bleeding unless your skin breaks open. Hematoma is the most common type of bruise you will likely develop after an auto accident, causing swelling and pain because of blood pooling outside its vessels. You may also develop a black eye, which causes swelling and discoloration around your eye.

Head Injuries

A head injury covers all the various types of injuries that happen to the skull, brain, scalp, tissue, and blood vessels in the head. You may develop a head injury after a traumatic auto-accident injury, with a direct impact on the head, leading to mild bruises and even potential head injuries. Head injury can occur in different types, including a concussion which causes instant loss of alertness for a while following an auto accident. You can also develop a skull fracture, breaking a bone in your skull to different depths.


You develop a sprain when your ligaments tear during an auto accident. A sprain differs from a strain such that a sprain tears the ligaments which are bands of tissue connecting two bones. On the other hand, a strain results from an injury to the band of tissue attaching muscle to bone. Your symptoms for a sprain will include pain, bruising, swelling, and limited movement of the affected joint. You may also hear a ‘popping’ sensation at the time of injury.

Bone Fractures

A bone fracture happens when you break a bone during an auto accident. You can develop any bone fracture, which your doctor will diagnose by looking at the pattern and the part of the injury. Mild bone fractures may need casts, braces, slings, and splints, while severe fractures may need surgery to repair them. Your recovery time will also depend on the fracture type and injury area.


A whiplash happens when your neck is injured from rapid back-and-forth movement. You will likely develop symptoms including neck stiffness and pain, loss of range of motion in your neck, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Whatever your symptoms, see a doctor for evaluation so they can rule out broken bones.

It is almost possible that everyone gets involved in an auto accident once at a time. While most may involve mild injuries that heal over a short period, some injuries are usually life-threatening. Therefore, seeing a doctor after getting involved in an auto accident is important because certain injuries may take time before showing initial symptoms. Your injury severity will determine your treatment plan and recovery period. Whatever type of injury you develop after an accident, it would be best to seek medical attention, so your doctor confirms you are fine.