What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries That Occur

The sportspersons are very active people. They workout and exercise regularly and at times rigorously. It is very common for them to get injured. With all the games practice and exertion, it is possible that they try to push the limits and get hurt. When under pressure a sportsperson does not take proper caution or overdoes exercise of a certain part there can be an injury. But as their spirits are high and there are clinics to help, they can recover soon.

So, what are the most common sports injuries that occur?

Being on a move all the time, the sportsperson gets injured quite often. The most common injuries are on the body parts like ankles, knees, and back. The muscles and the ligaments are under tremendous stress to perform well. Even the joints are affected by so much exertion.

How do you notice it?

Where there is an injury, a person is sure to notice some swelling, soreness, bruising, or tenderness in the area. There can also be severe pain. The first thing to do is takerest and begin with heat and cold compression. This will effectively help in relieving the swelling and stress in the muscles. If the pain is unbearable; painkillers such as paracetamol can be given in a restricted amount to the person. Thereafter; as soon as possible the sportsperson must visit a clinic for help. In case of a broken bone or fracture, immediate medical attention is necessary.

What type of injuries are most common?

The most common sports injuries that happen to people on field or field are as follows:

  • Ankle sprain: due to excessive weight training or rigorous walking, running this type of injury can happen.
  • Hamstring strains: the hamstrings can be strained when a person does exercise or games for a very long time without a break. Also, dehydration can aggravate the situation. It happens to those who run a lot mostly.
  • Shin splints: when the usage of legs is intensified, this is very common to happen. A sudden change in the training sessions and increased length can cause harm.
  • Pulled groin: when a person undertakes rigorous training like twisting, jumping, or even kickboxing this can happen. The muscles of the thighs are affected.
  • Knee injuries: those who run a lot or do cycling etc can hurt their knees due to excessive usage and being less cautious.
  • Tennis elbow: when a person may be involved in weight training or suddenly uses the forearm too much such injury is caused.

Having understood all about the injury you must get it cured properly under medical care. You must visit a specialized clinic or hospital at the earliest. There must be no delay or home remedies. This may aggravate the problem and ruin your sports career. The therapists will use the least invasive method to treat you and get running again. Physiotherapy is required for most of such cases and the time taken may vary according to the amount and depth of the injury.