WarmSculpting vs. Coolsculpting; Which is which?

Are you struggling with excess weight and dieting and exercising are not helping you? Don’t worry because many Fort Worth body sculpting specialists use modern laser technology to get rid of stubborn fat cells. They ensure you get improved skin tone and vibrancy, and you will even fall in love with your mirror. Check out the difference between the most common body sculpting procedures.


WarmSculpting is a minimally invasive procedure approved by the FDA and works better than traditional liposuction. WarmSculpting works by heating and destroying the fat cells. Most people prefer this method because no incisions and needles are involved.

The method works best because it removes most fat cells compared to other procedures. The fiber optic laser destroys the fat cells and speeds up collagen production. Collagen is an important compound that keeps your skin firm; thus, the procedure will not leave sagging skin.


Coolsculpting freezes the fat under your skin. Unlike WarmSculpting, which uses heat, CoolSculpting works with lower heat than the skin around. Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that uses a unique device to make the fat around the area of treatment freeze away. 

You will likely feel cold around the area and hear some pulling and suckling sensation. Afterward, your skin will be numbed for the rest of your treatment. You will likely feel nothing during and after the procedure.

Comparison between Coolsculpting and the WarmSculpting


In both methods, the results are supposed to be permanent. Both ways alter how your body’s fat cells work, unlike how our body creates new fat cells when you gain weight. Both methods work by getting rid of stubborn fat cells completely.


CoolSculpting is known to eliminate about 25% of fat in the treatment area. However, the results depend on the individual and whether you will need additional treatments. Coolsculpting is ideal for minor problems such as bra bulges, belly bulges, love handles, and double chin. Moreover, the Coolsculpting method is not known to tighten skin. The technique is not ideal for people with loose skin. 

On the other hand, WarmSculpting removes excess fats, and the drastic change is even noticeable. Moreover, WarmSculpting is known to give the best results in a short time. You can see the results within a week, and there will be no sagging skin. 

Recovery Times

Both WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting procedures don’t require surgery or the use of local anesthesia. Also, you’re not required to wear a compression garment. Most patients will resume their daily activities immediately after either of the procedures.


Mostly, WarmSculpting treatment sessions are more costly compared to CoolSculpting. Also, the cost can go up, especially if you will need to undergo multiple sessions. 

Final Verdict

Both Coolsculpting and WarmSculpting procedures are safe and effective in removing unwanted body fats. Both methods offer long-term solutions. Those residing in Fort Worth, TX, should book an appointment with Skin Deep Laser, MD. They’re approved by the FDA and use the most up-to-date equipment in all their procedures. You will also experience quality services that offer value for your money.