Top Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots placed into your jaws to hold replacement teeth or bridges. They are made of titanium replacement root and artificial crown. Dental implants are custom-made to fix permanently on your jaw and pose no risk of irritation to your gum. They are best if dentures and bridges do not work appropriately or your natural roots are damaged to complete special dental restorations. Waterford dental implants procedure involves your dentist surgically inserting the prosthetic directly into your jawbone. Dental implants offer many benefits to your dental health, which include:

Prevents bone loss

When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone in the empty socket deteriorates gradually due to lack of stimulation. If you do not replace a lost tooth within one year, your jaw bone can lose twenty-five percent of its volume. Over time, the jaw bone gradually continues to lose volume. Teeth give your jawbone the stimulation it needs. A dental implant is the only dental replacement technique that replaces jawbone stimulation, preventing bone loss.

It prevents further tooth loss

Each of your teeth is held in its correct position by its roots and surrounding teeth. When you lose a tooth, the neighboring teeth tend to tilt the open space and become loose. The nearby teeth can also become crooked leading to misalignment of some of them. Dental implants anchor permanently into your jaw bone, preventing further tooth loss and misalignment. Misalignment can cause other oral disorders like impaired speech and eating difficulties.

It prevents facial sagging and premature aging

Teeth help support and maintain your facial structures. When you lose a tooth, the skin around the space tends to fold and sag, resulting from bone loss. Sagging makes you look older than your actual age. You can also get premature aging effects like wrinkles, thinning lips, and a sagging chin. Dental implants replace your lost teeth, giving similar support to your natural teeth and improving your facial appearance and smile.

Long-lasting effects

Compared to other teeth replacement procedures like a dental bridge, dental implants can last a lifetime. Dental implants are made from titanium and incorporated with your jaw bone. The titanium is non-toxic to your mouth and is not rejected by your body. You need to take care of your implants to last long. It is usual for your implant to wear or tear. Ensure you get a replacement immediately to enhance correct functioning.

Improves bite force

Losing some of your teeth can cause chewing or biting difficulties. You may be restricted from eating particular foods when you lose several teeth. Dental implants fill gaps of lost teeth, making it easier to enjoy your meals. Dental implants also firmly anchor into your jawbone so you can resume all food types, including the hard ones. You do not have to worry about your implant slipping while chewing crunchy foods.

Dental implants are one of the safest and most lasting tooth replacement techniques. Implants can improve your smile and facial appearance and treat various dental disorders. Schedule an appointment at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center to get dental implants to restore your smile and facial appearance.