Top 5 Exercises For People With Flat Feet!

Flat feet, commonly known as fallen arches, are a postural malformation affecting the foot arches. Individuals with flat feet have either low arches or no arch or curve on the inner side of their foot’s sole; when they stand, the sole of their foot frequently makes complete contact with the ground.

This disorder can cause pain and discomfort in certain people since the foot’s arch is vital for body alignment and posture, and its absence can upset this balance.

We’ve produced a list of the 5 flat foot exercises you may practise at home to help ease some of the condition’s unpleasant symptoms.

1. Towel Scrunch

The towel scrunch is a basic arch-strengthening exercise. It necessitates your remaining seated and the usage of a single towel.

To begin, sit in a chair and place a towel flat at your feet. Then, grab the towel with the muscles in your toes until you can no longer drag it under your foot.

You should perform two sets of this exercise with each foot, beginning with a conventional bath towel once a day. Once you’re comfortable, you may gradually increase the number of sets you do.

2. Toe Extension

The toe extension stretch is a simple stretch of the toe extensor muscles that focuses on the muscles on the top of the foot that assist govern the movement of your toes.

Gently press down on the toe fingers until the knuckles are visible, then hold for 20 seconds. Repeat the stretch 3-4 times every session to enhance strength and flexibility.

3. Foot Roller

First, sit down and place a foot roller (or a frozen drinking can, whatever that works) on its side in front of you. Apply mild pressure to the chosen tool using the ball of your foot, then roll it back towards your heel.

This exercise stretches the foot and massages it, which can help reduce arch pain.

4. Toe Crawl

Begin by sitting straight with both feet completely flat on the floor. Next, scrunch up your toes as though you’re attempting to grip the floor. Using your toes, move your entire foot forward as though crawling.

You may continue this with both feet for as long as it feels comfortable, but make sure you are not utilising your leg muscles to drive your feet forward – the ‘crawl’ should originate only from the muscles in your feet.

5. Heel Raise

Stand with both of your feet on the ground; you can grab anything for support if necessary. Next, push up on the balls of your feet, and lift your heels off the floor. Hold this elevated position for a couple of seconds before lowering yourself gently.

Make it more challenging by inserting a small object between your ankles and holding it during the action. Aim for three sets of heel lifts 10 times each day.