Tips for Preventing Varicose Veins from Getting Worse

It is a case of good news and terrible news. The good news is that not all cases of varicose veins are severe. You can alleviate these issues simply by altering your way of living in some circumstances. Unfortunately, the bad news is that if you have varicose veins in NYC, you may not want to wear shorts or your favorite skirt since they are so unattractive. Another side effect of this illness is severe pain. Sores, skin ulcers, and blood clots are all possible side effects of having varicose veins.

So, if you have varicose veins, you are in danger of acquiring the pain and discomfort that go along with it. But there is also some positive news to be found. Varicose veins may be treated quickly and easily by vascular surgery specialists. Surgical and non-surgical methods of pain relief have been used successfully by hundreds of our clients.

Here is some helpful advice on avoiding the worsening of varicose veins in the meanwhile.


Just because you have varicose veins does not mean you cannot use exercise to cure them. When done correctly, exercise can only be a wonderful thing for your health and well-being. In terms of vein health, you want to make sure you are neither overdoing it nor underdoing it in your exercise routine.

For many individuals, hearing the term “exercise” conjures up images of a punishing routine that requires them to run for hours each day or lift unfathomable quantities of weight.

That, however, is a long cry from reality. People concerned about vein health may take simple steps like taking a 20-minute walk every day or attending a yoga session after work to maintain their health.

Limit the amount of time you spend sitting or standing.

It is essential to take frequent rests if you work in an office or stand long. To alleviate the strain on your legs and increase your body’s circulation, you should take regular pauses to sit down or walkabout.

Use compression stockings

People who use compression stockings benefit from the assistance they give to any weaker superficial veins they may have. It is possible that receiving this additional assistance can help reduce symptoms and halt the progression of the disease. Consult a vein expert if you are unsure if the compression stockings you are considering are the right fit since some may be too tight while others may be too slack.

Avoid putting on tight clothes

When you wear tight jeans or leggings, you put more significant strain on your legs. That might worsen your varicose veins. To alleviate some of this tension, go for more comfortable, loose-fitting clothes wherever feasible.

Make sure to put your feet up.

Place your feet on a chair or stool that allows blood to flow back into your heart if feasible. This is crucial if your work demands you to stand or sit for lengthy periods.

Your varicose veins might not be a problem for you. However, you should see a doctor if your symptoms worsen despite your efforts to live healthier. When you care about your appearance, it is only fitting to seek treatment for your varicose veins.