The Way to a Narrower Nose

Having a wide nose indicates that your nose is larger than it “should be” in relation to the rest of your face. If this is the case, it could be because your alar base (the area between your nostrils) is too large. It could also be that your bridge is excessively thick in the center of your nose. This could be something you are born with or develop as you get older. Another explanation is that you have suffered a nose injury. A cleveland cosmetic plastic surgeon can help you get the desired result.

Why Do Some People Have a Wide Nose?

There could be a number of causes for a wide nose. The following are some of the potential triggers:

  • Behaviors that run in the family

First and foremost, whether or whether you have a wide nose is largely determined by your genetics. There is a higher probability that you will inherit a broad nose if many members of your family do. 

  • Preceding Bridge-Lowering Surgery

Interestingly, having surgery to reduce a ‘dorsal hump’ (the medical word for a high bridge of the nose) might accentuate the narrowness of your nose. This is because a slender nose bridge might make your nose look much more bulbous than it really is.

  • Injury

A broken nose could be the result of an accident or other trauma. Injuries to the nose can cause the nasal bones to stretch apart, making the nose appear wider than it was before.

  • Aging

The inevitable passage of time should also not be overlooked. Nose included, alterations occur naturally with aging. You could develop a bulbous tip to your nose or discover that your nostrils have widened over time.

Surgery for a Wide Nose

Is a rhinoplasty on your mind as a solution to your wide nose? Rhinoplasty and Alarplasty are two surgical procedures to think about. Depending on your preferences, these procedures can alter the size and contour of your nose, or they can reduce the size of your nostrils. This procedure, which can reduce the size of a wide nose, is frequently called a “wide nose job.”


Traditional rhinoplasty may be an option if the widest part of your nose is the bridge. The alar base and the bridge of the nose can be narrowed during this procedure, making the nose appear more refined from the top to the tip.


If your nostrils and the base of your nose (the alar base) are the broadest parts of your nose, you may benefit from rhinoplasty. This sort of nose job is intended to correct broad nostrils. This procedure, which can reduce your nostrils’ size, is called Alarplasty or alar base reduction.