The Capabilities Of A Vascular Doctor In Singapore

A vascular doctor in Singapore is a professional who deals with your vascular system and blood vessels. Veins, arteries, and the capillaries that connect them are all part of your vascular system, which therefore includes them in the doctor’s specialities.

To remind ourselves of the importance of this system, oxygen and nutrients found in our blood are carried by arteries. The blood in arteries then flows away from your heart and moves towards your body tissues to supply them with everything they need. As for your veins, they take your blood back to the heart once your cells have gathered what they require from it. From there, blood proceeds to your lungs to allow you to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This solely proves that vascular doctors have a critical role in the medical department.

Main Purpose

Vascular doctors diagnose, treat, and prevent the diseases affecting your blood vessels, making arteries and veins their main target when assessing your condition. Since your body needs nutrients and oxygen daily, having healthy blood vessels is essential in keeping your body from losing one of its functions. Sclerotherapy in Singapore is one of the few treatments that vascular doctors handle since it mainly deals with spider veins.

Types of Vascular Doctors

There are a few types of vascular doctors, including vein specialists, vascular surgeons, Peripheral Artery Disease specialists, and endovascular surgeons. These types of doctors all have a specific purpose when it comes to treating the vascular system. If your condition requires endovascular surgery, the doctor who answers the call, in this case, is an endovascular surgeon.


There are many vascular diseases that can affect anyone. Since the vascular system is so complex, issues can appear anywhere in the body and come in various forms. A few examples of vascular diseases are peripheral artery disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, varicose veins, high blood pressure, and Buerger’s disease. Some of these are already familiar to the common man, and the effects that come with them aren’t pretty to look at. A stroke occurs when a blood clot disrupts blood flow to the brain or a blood vessel bursts. This will stop oxygen from travelling to the brain and cause brain cells to die in response.


Like most doctors, vascular doctors know the treatments used for certain diseases. Some examples include amputation, diabetic foot care, angioplasty and stenting, Venous compression stockings, and sclerotherapy. Some of these are actually under the category of varicose vein treatment in Singapore since they focus on dealing with conditions found in varicose veins. Take Venous Compression Stockings, for example. This treatment prevents venous diseases from appearing by creating pressure on your legs and letting blood flow through narrower circulatory vessels. Sclerotherapy, as previously mentioned, takes care of spider veins and varicose veins by injecting a solution that causes them to close.

Vascular doctors can save many lives due to the main focus of their work and can help us better understand who we need to look for when problems in the arteries or blood vessels arise.

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