The Best Orthopedics and Sports Injury Specialist in Lawrenceville

Closeup side view of late 50's male doctor assisting an early 30's female athlete during physical therapy treatment. The patient is laying on the side and lifting one leg by making it harder with a resistance band.

Suppose you are searching for the best orthopedics and sports injury specialist; your needs are covered under one roof. Peter Wenger MD, a qualified expert, having studied from the best institutions of higher learning and amassed enough experience, is outstanding in his work. Upon visiting the facility with an injury, his main focus is to offer you treatment that allows you to go back to your normal routine within the shortest time possible. If you are a sports person with an injury, the doctor will understand your predicament very well because he is involved in different sports and athletics. Let’s have a look at the numerous services offered by the doctor.

  • Keeping You Injury-free

A specialist in sports medicine will help you remain fit and avoid accidents. Most sport-related injuries exist because a person made a wrong movement. The specialist works with you to enhance your movement. Performance is one of the assets that sportspeople use to build their career. If you are a sports person, the sports medicine specialist will allow you to maintain your performance before, during, and after the game. They will easily identify whether you are at a likelihood of suffering from an injury in the future and work towards minimizing the risk.

  • Advice on a New Exercise Regime

The exercises make you fit to participate in your favorite game effectively. You also require exercise if you are not participating in any game and want to remain healthy and fit. Before joining the gym around where you live, you will need to consult orthopedic and sports specialists. They will advise you on the exercises which suit your body and those which do not and help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Also, during transitioning from one exercise to a routine, you should discuss the decision with your orthopedic to prevent muscle strains.

  • Diagnose Your Injury and Offer Treatment

The orthopedic surgeon has the requisite knowledge and expertise to diagnose different injuries. For instance, you can get injuries when exercising or playing, and it is only after visiting your doctor that you will have a proper diagnosis. Once you get a diagnosis, they will treat you and advise you on how to function during the healing process. The doctor is responsible for telling you when you heal so that you do not go back to exercise and field prematurely and make the injury worse.

  • Rehabilitation

You must undergo rehabilitation if you have an injury. After treating the injured part, your doctor will require you to undergo rehabilitative activities. The activities allow you to regain functionality. Depending on the injury, you will need a combination of therapies. Also, the rehabilitative activities will reduce your pain significantly during the healing. Therefore, a combination of treatment and rehabilitation brings your healing closer.

If you are looking for a facility where you can get timely treatment for injuries and chronic pain, you can visit Princeton Sports and Family Medicine. Also, if your child has an injury and you are wondering where you can get specialized treatment, the facility offers excellent services to children starting from four years. Book your appointment today, and you will not regret it.