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Doctor giving a patient foot treatment

Any discomfort on your feet can be a major hindrance to your productivity and quality of life. This is because most of our daily routines are done while walking or standing using our feet. The foot is a complex structure of many bones and joints that vary in flexibility and stiffness. This structure is thus prone to a variety of problems. Dr. Jeffrey E. McAlister of Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute is a renowned professional specialist dealing with ankle and foot problems. Read on to know more about foot and ankle problems and their solutions.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Your foot is made up of three main parts:

  • Hindfoot: It is made up of your ankle and your heel bone that allow side to side movement
  • Midfoot: It consists of the arch of your foot, muscles, and the arch ligament that all act as shock absorbers when running or walking
  • Forefoot: It is made up of toe bones connected to five long bones by joints and takes half of your body’s weight

Most feet-related problems do not require surgery. Surgery depends on:

  • Your needs
  • How bad your symptoms are
  • Your response to different treatments, i.e., drugs and special footwear

The decision to conduct ankle and foot surgery is typically based on lifestyle choices advised by surgeons and not necessary in terms of life and death. However, in cases of deformed feet and when the skin starts to get affected, an assessment for surgery is required to avoid infection and stress fractures.

When Foot and Ankle surgery is required

 Conditions that may necessitate surgery include:

  • Bunions

These are bony lumps that form at the base of your big toe and the side of your foot. They are due to a hallux valgus condition that causes your big toe joint to bend towards the other toes resulting in deformity. An osteotomy is a surgical process to straighten your big toe and ease the pain.

  • Ankle Arthritis

This condition is caused by osteoarthritis, whereby the cartilage covering the bony ends slowly roughens and becomes thin while the bone below thickens. Rheumatic diseases may also cause damage leading to swelling, pain, and occasional joint deformity. Three surgical operations, i.e., triple fusion, ankle fusion, or ankle replacement, may be required.

  • Achilles tendon disorders

The Achilles tendon being huge puts a lot of force on your muscle while moving. As you age, the tendon wears, and tears lead to painful swellings in the tendon or where it attaches to your heel bone. Surgery is occasionally done as a method of treatment.

Advantages of foot and ankle surgery include:

  • Better mobility and function
  • Long-lasting pain relief
  • Wider variety of comfortable shoes you can wear

Your mobility needs may not necessarily be life and death. However, they are vital in determining your quality of life. If you are going through any foot or ankle problems, check out our website or call our offices in Phoenix, AZ.