The 6 Principles Of Naturopathy- Dr. Jake Schmutz

Naturopathy is a branch of medicine that focuses on studying and celebrating nature’s healing abilities. Naturopathic medicine’s basic practice is as old as healing itself and as cutting-edge as new medical advancements. The profession incorporates a dynamic worldview that respects the connectivity and interdependence of all living things. What’s more, naturopathy forms the least hazardous and invasive treatments that help enhance your general wellness. It harnesses nature’s healing power to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of illnesses. In this post, naturopathic doctor Salt Lake City Dr. Jake Schmutz outlines the six key principles of naturopathy to help you better understand this care approach. Read on to learn more.

1)   Do Not Cause Any Harm

This statement implies that naturopathic doctors choose gentle, non-invasive therapies. Often, it is assumed that health can be restored to its former glory simply by altering one’s lifestyle and addressing certain issues. Respecting every patient’s holistic nature guarantees that the healing process is appropriate and does not compromise the natural processes. As such, at Integrative Medica, Dr. Schmutz and his staff primarily use non-invasive treatment approaches to address various patients’ concerns.

2)   Nature’s Healing Ability

The way nature operates and impacts one’s health has surfaced after years of investigation. Naturopathy discovers and activates the healing potential dormant in you for a long time. Considering that the procedures are entirely based on nature and mechanisms, you will experience no adverse effects and enjoy lasting benefits. It is the responsibility of a naturopathic doctor to recognize and remove the impediments to growth, vitality, and enhancement.

3)   Identify And Address The Source Of The Concern

The most ancient and basic way to separate the reason and address it is dependent on three factors; Poor Lifestyle Choices, Environment, and Inner Dispositions. Most persons will profit from removing the root cause of their suffering. While this might take some time, the outcomes are always certain. Addressing the inherent cause means looking past the symptoms, which could be achieved by comprehending the individual’s pathology and psychology.

4)   Doctor As Teacher

Learning about your body, the healing process, and how to address the difficulties you face from your physician is critical. According to Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor, “the doctor of years to come will administer no medication, but will intrigue his patients to care their bodies, diet, and the reason and prevention of illness.”

Doctor is derived from the Latin word ‘docere,’ which implies ‘to educate.’ A naturopathic doctor’s work is to teach patients how to treat themselves. The doctor examines his patient’s lifestyle and advises him on maintaining a healthy one through proper exercise, nutrition, spiritual wellness, relationships, environment, posture, sleep, and hygiene.

5)   Treat The Individual As A Whole

Western medicine tries to treat a specific ailment or the affected body part. However, every person is unique, with a distinct set of elements leading to the emergence of the disease. Besides, illnesses are caused by a complicated interaction between the environment, physical condition, and lifestyle. As a result, naturopathic medicine considers all of these elements when treating a patient. Simply out, naturopathic medicine believes in treating the full person rather than a single ailment.

6)   Disease Prevention

This principle tries to halt and prevent the illness from progressing further. First and foremost, proper hygiene and lifestyle rules must be established. Aspects of this final principle are a continuous process:

  • It begins at conception and lasts throughout life
  • The body’s homeostatic mechanisms maintain it
  • It considers an individual’s surroundings as well as how to live in balance with nature
  • It affects all elements of a person’s existence, including their lifestyle, mental and emotional health, and community and family

Understanding naturopathic medicine’s principles help set the record straight on what this care approach entails. Now that you understand what constitutes this revolutionary treatment methodology, you can determine if your concerns warrant a visit to the Naturopathic Doctor. Whether you are concerned about hormone issues, autoimmune disorders, infertility, and so on, Dr. Schmutz and his staff at Integrative Medica can help. Schedule a consultation through mobile or request online to discuss your concerns and find a solution that best meets your unique needs.