Synthetic Growth Hormone Pills: An Overview

Some kinds of sports require a build-up of muscles, others do not.  However, all sports still require their lawmakers to be well-built and equipped which is why many take growth hormone pills that can help in this regard, especially at where you can make choices on what kind of pills and from which brand you would like to buy.

This article will be telling you more about these pills, their side effects if there are any, their uses and their benefits. For a sports person who is looking into purchasing any of these pills, there are things you need to know at first.

What is the human growth hormone?

First, the human growth hormone is a protein produced in and by the body, necessary for growth, not only in childhood but throughout one’s lifetime. It can also be called the master gland because it controls so many others. This hormone is necessary for cell regeneration, its build-up and reproduction.


  • It helps build up the body mass.
  • It boosts metabolism and burns fat
  • It aids the speed up of healing and muscle repair after an injury.
  • It helps to sustain and rebuild injury in any part of the body including the brain.
  • It also adds to the quality of the skin and slows down ageing.
  • It aids and speeds up the metabolic process.

Now, although this hormone occurs naturally in the body, there are some instances where the synthetic forms of it are taken to boost healing or taken as treatment or just as normal supplements.

Uses of synthetic growth hormone pills

Synthetic pills can be used in the treatment of poor growth in children. It is not limited to them alone, even adults can use them in treating short bowel syndrome and loss of muscles.

Other diseases where they can be taken include:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Human growth hormone deficiency
  • Muscle wasting disease
  • Children born with reduced birth weight.

These supplements can come as injections or pills. The injections can help people to:

  • Increase their exercise capacity, especially those who exercise regularly
  • It can improve bone density, meaning it is suitable also for those with osteoporosis.
  • It can build muscle mass, which is why athletes are more prone to taking it than those who exercise
  • And it can also reduce body fat.

Looking at all these benefits, athletes make use of them to boost their ability and can sometimes be taken with anabolic steroids.

The side effects include:

  • Swelling of the arms and feet; oedema in general.
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Risk of heart diseases and diabetes, making it not suitable for that predisposed t it
  • Low blood sugar; an enlarged heart; liver damage; fatigue; etc.

When taking the supplements, you must know the risks and also take extra caution on brands you would be buying from.