Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam

You undertake your annual physicals. You visit your dentist regularly. But is your optometrist on the list? Routine eye exams by an optometrist are an essential part of your health care. Eye exams can help to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. Regular margaritaville eye exams also help detect eye diseases early, most of which remain unnoticed for a long time. Your optometrist will check your eye alignment, visual acuity, eye movement, and signs of eye disease such as glaucoma, cataracts, or other health issues such as diabetes. So, how do you know you need an eye exam? Here is a look at signs that you might need an eye exam.

You Haven’t Undertaken an Eye Exam for a Long Time

If you can’t remember, it has probably been a long since you last had an exclusive eye exam. Most eye conditions don’t show any symptoms at first and hence might stay unnoticed and worsen over time. An eye exam will help in early diagnosis and treatment to avoid a worse scenario. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital for eye diseases such as cataracts, and glaucoma.

So, how often should you undertake an eye exam? This depends on age and other risk factors. If you have no risks, you can undertake an eye test once per two years and annually when you turn 65. If you have risk factors for eye disease, you will need to visit an eye doctor more regularly.

You Are Struggling with Your Vision

If you struggle to read text on your screen or the signs on the road, this is a reason to visit an optometrist for an eye exam. Vision issues can make it hard to undertake your daily routine. The eye strain when trying to focus can also cause headaches because they work harder than they should.

You Have a High Risk of Eye Diseases

Similar to other aspects of your health, particular things can increase your risk of developing eye problems. Some of these health aspects are beyond your control. You should consider having regular eye exams if you have a family or personal history of eye disease, have a virtually demanding job, wear contact lenses, have diabetes, have had an eye injury or eye surgery in the past, or an eyesight that worsens over time.

You Have Eye Allergies and Other Problems

If your eyes are irritated and red, you might have allergies. Other symptoms of eye allergies include; redness, itchiness, watery discharge, and a burning sensation. The allergies can be caused by irritants such as perfume or smoke and allergens such as mold, pet dander, grass, dust mites, etc. Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter medications and eye drops or refer you to an allergist based on the severity. Other reasons to go for an eye exam include; double vision, eye pain, light flashes, and circles around lights.

If you experience any of these signs, you should consider undertaking an eye exam. Healthy eyes are an important part of your overall health. Ensuring you undertake regular eye exams and maintain your eye health will save you health and vision problems for years to come. Other simple ways of maintaining your eye health include; avoiding smoking, eating a healthy diet, and wearing sunglasses that block harmful UV radiation.