Reasons To Consider Medical Weight Loss

Being overweight not only affects your appearance and self-confidence, but it can also affect your health. Although many desire a healthy weight, diet restrictions, and regular exercise intimidate them. The On the Mark Healthcare Services specialists understand that losing weight is not easy, so they offer counseling and support to keep you motivated. Below are the benefits of medical weight loss.

Medical monitoring and support

Medical weight loss programs involve regular check-ups to monitor your progress and make necessary changes to your weight loss plan. During your initial appointment, your provider will conduct various diagnostic tests, including physical exams and blood tests, to detect the underlying cause of your excessive weight. They will address these issues to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Additionally, the team offers ongoing counseling and support to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey. They may advise you on healthy eating habits, stress management techniques, and exercise routines to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Personalized approach

During your initial visit, your doctor will discuss your weight goals and assess your health before creating an individualized weight loss plan that works best for you. The team also takes into account your medical history and lifestyle to help you sustainably lose weight. Your weight loss plan may involve medication, behavior modifications, exercise programs, and dietary changes. The team will continually review the plan and adjust it as you progress.

Nutritional guidance

Diet is crucial during weight loss. An unhealthy diet can make your efforts seem useless. Your medical weight loss specialist can educate you about the foods to eat, the portions, and how frequently you should take your meals. Nutritional guidance can help you lose weight faster and safely without becoming anorexic. Rather than focusing on short-term goals, medical weight loss aims to help you develop a healthy lifestyle necessary for maintaining the results. Nutrition education can also improve your health and prevent you from developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

It does not involve surgery

Medical weight loss does not involve surgical procedures, saving you from long recovery periods and post-operative pain. These programs often involve exercise and lifestyle adjustments that are non-invasive. They can be especially advantageous if you are hesitant about surgical procedures due to the potential risks. Unlike surgeries that can cause complications such as bleeding, medical weight loss is safe and rarely causes any life-threatening complications.

It gives you access to weight loss treatments

Sometimes your provider may prescribe specific medications, such as anti-obesity drugs and appetite suppressants, which you may not find in commercial weight loss programs. Your provider prescribes the dosage depending on your unique needs to maximize your weight loss results. The team may recommend these medications if other traditional weight loss methods have proven futile or if you have an underlying health disorder that prevents you from engaging in intense exercise. Although the cosmetic market offers various weight loss products, they may not be as effective as prescribed medications. Some may contain harmful ingredients that could be hazardous to your health.

If you desire to lose weight but need help knowing where to begin, call the practice or book an appointment online for an individualized medical weight-loss plan.