Reasons to Add These Green Superfoods to Your Diet!

According to the CDC, hardly one in ten adults gets the recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings each day. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found exclusively in whole meals, such fruits and vegetables, are essential to your body’s normal functioning. Fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes, including dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, are included here. You won’t receive enough iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A, among other nutrients your body needs, if you don’t increase your intake of these nutrient-dense foods.

Powdered greens and superfoods are easy to include into your diet and may help you get closer to your daily recommended intake of nutrients. In addition, they are quite easy to eat. Making a smoothie is a quick and easy way to get a lot of healthy food into your system. Here are five additional reasons why you should make taking a supplement of superfood greens a regular part of your diet.

Rapid assimilation

Fruits and vegetables are better absorbed by the body since the digestive process is bypassed when they are blended into a beverage and consumed quickly. Because these foods have been processed more, your body can take in more of their beneficial elements.

The green superfood powder includes polyphenols and other potent antioxidants, which help mitigate the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Superfood powders mixed in water or juice are easily absorbed by the body, especially when ingested first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Facilitates Energy Boost

Feelings of lethargy, sluggishness, and exhaustion may occur if your body is not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals it needs. Several factors, including poor digestion and vitamin deficiencies, have been linked to this condition. For instance, iron deficiency is associated with fatigue, but can only be confirmed by a blood test. Foods like eggs and dark green vegetables, as well as fortified foods, are excellent sources of iron. Vegetables like kale and spinach have high concentrations of the iron and vitamin C. Vitamin C improves your body’s ability to absorb iron, among its many other benefits. The best superfood powder will have both of these components to facilitate increased iron consumption via diet.

Inflammation is quelled

You probably already know that chronic inflammation may cause serious health issues. Inflammation is critical to the body’s healing from injuries and other diseases, therefore it’s important to recognise its importance before attempting to comprehend it. Increased inflammation that persists over an extended period of time is problematic. Exerting oneself physically is known to raise the level of inflammation in the body. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may increase your body’s antioxidant levels, making it more effective in fighting inflammation. This is another another compelling case for boosting your diet with a supplement of superfood greens.

Facilitates Healthy Ageing

Antioxidants, carotenoids, and anthocyanins, which are abundant in superfoods like matcha, may help neutralise free radicals. Anthocyanins are plant pigments that are red, purple, and dark blue, whereas carotenoids are yellow and orange in hue. Free radicals are unstable chemicals that may be found in the environment, the food we consume, the water we drink, and other places. These extraordinary plant components help your body get rid of free radicals. Damage to cells and the ageing process may be accelerated by free radicals. Superfood powders are a convenient way to enhance your intake of these plant-based superfoods.