Pros and Cons related to vaping

Many are being tempted to the latest vaping techniques. The traditional style of smoking is no longer in the trend. People love the temptation of holding a vapethan cigarettes these days. However, everything has a set of limitations. No matter what you do anything of too more or too less is always bad.

If you have the right knowledge of vapes, you would be just fine or you must read this article on the pros and cons related to vaping. Once you are aware of the merits and demerits, you would know when to draw a line.

Pros and Cons related to vaping:


  1. Less riskier than smoking:

Vaping has been introduced by reputed manufacturing companies after the consultation of over 35000 worldwide. Vaping is considered to be 95% safe compared to smoking. These also have improved smell and taste compared to cigerattes.

  • No odor:

You don’t have to worry about the body and room stinking out of cigarette smells anymore with vapes. Vaping has a distinct aroma that is not irritable to others. At least we can assure that your room won’t smell like dead pool of tobacco leaves.

  • Nicotine balance:

Vaping gives complete control on your nicotine intake. People who are on vapes tend to inhale high levels of nicotine to start with and then gradually decrease it effortlessly.


  1. Complicated:

Compared to cigarettes that are easy to light up, vapes are somewhere complicated for a layman to understand it. It takes sometime to get used to the process of vaping which is no fun for excessive smokers.

  • Addiction to teens:

Due to its safety measures, more numbers of teens are getting addicted to vapes. The increasing numbers could be alarming. Since the minimum age requirement for vapesis 18 to 21,teens are more prone to this. The sad part is majority of teens have never got any addiction of smoking yet they are fascinated to try vapes which could bad in the long run.

  • Cost-consuming:

Just like any other product, vapes are also not a onetime purchase. These need to bebought frequently and repeatedly once you are addicted to the same. Some of the trusted and reputed brands could be expensive.

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