Plastic Surgery and Its Various Benefits

For a long time, cosmetic procedures have been associated with being shallow-minded, and thus looked down on by society as a whole. Their benefits have been overlooked mainly due to their association with celebrities and well-known botched procedures. This misconception has changed in recent times. This change has been encouraged by the emergence of specially trained plastic surgeons like Beverly Hills Joshua Jacobson, MD. To learn more about what he does and why it’s important, read on.

What do plastic surgery procedures entail?

Plastic surgery incorporates procedures of reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of parts of the body. This surgery may be cosmetic, aiming to enhance the body’s appearance; or reconstructive, seeking to reconstruct a body part or improve its functionality.

Some everyday plastic surgery operations include:


This surgical operation involves sucking fat particles from specific sites in the body to enhance the shape and slim your frame. In the most widespread liposuction type, tumescent, a saline solution, numbing agent, and a drug that constricts blood vessels are inserted into the site to be treated.

Small hollow metallic devices called cannulas are used to suck out the fat and the liquid from the body. Short-term fluid retention may occur but will dissipate after a few days.

Other liposuction procedures include power-assisted, laser, suction-assisted, and air-assisted liposuction. The patient can resume daily duties within several days.


Your eyelids may be reshaped via surgery to either improve vision in patients with eyelids blocking their vision or for cosmetic reasons. Sagging skin or too much skin around the eyes may impair your vision, giving an aged appearance. Wrinkled, puffy lower eyelids and fat pads forming bags under your eyes can be removed. Public appearances may happen after about two weeks after this procedure.

Breast Augmentation

The popular breast surgical enlargement has increased the popularity of plastic surgery procedures. These procedures may replace an absent breast, enlarge both breasts, or make asymmetrical breasts similar in size. Normal duties can be resumed after one or two weeks.


This operation reshapes your nose and brings symmetry to the face. Areas of the nose may be refined or the nose’s overall size reduced to achieve desired results. Bruising that occurs during surgery fades away over the next two weeks.


This procedure removes excess skin from the abdomen while tightening the remaining skin. This can benefit people who have lost excess skin from bariatric surgery or those with excess skin after pregnancy. The operation aims at removing sagging skin, not fat deposits in the abdomen. Daily activities can be resumed several weeks after surgery.


This surgical solution eliminates sagging and wrinkles due to advancing age. The skin on your face is tightened through gentle pulling, minimizing sagging and smoothing deep lines. This procedure is typically combined with skin peels or forehead lifts to achieve desired results. The sutures applied can be removed five to ten days after the operation.

Some cosmetic procedures may be done to get rid of specific body problems or enhance your features. Despite the reason for performing them, these procedures significantly improve your quality of life. Visit us online or call our offices in Beverly Hills, CA, for any plastic surgery inquiries.