Learning About Breast Cancer: 4 Answers From An Oncology Doctor

Hearing the news that you have a case of breast cancer or you realise the possibility of having this condition can be overwhelming. First, you might not be able to process things, which is understandable because it is a serious thing to take. The second point is the lack of knowledge about these things because not everyone is familiar with cancer and treatment options. Let us explore questions and answers from an oncology doctor:


Knowing when to see a doctor depends on your case, but there are some things you need to learn. First, if there is a sensation of pain and discomfort along the breast area or nearby body parts, consider visiting a breast cancer doctor in Singapore to consult about this. No worries because it does not automatically mean you have cancer, but they have the means to know. Second, if you have another health condition or something that might cause complications in your breast, that is one warning sign you should seek medical attention. Never overlook symptoms and make things worse for your health.


Many things cause breast cancer, and they differ for every individual. The first one is the abnormal growth of cells in the breast that lead to the formation of lumps and masses. Here, they sometimes show physical deformities that the person notices. Second, there might be hormonal, lifestyle, and environmental factors, but there are still doubts because it involves a complicated interaction between the three components. (Tip: Talk to your doctor about these things because they might have a way to know the root cause of the problem.)


Radiotherapy can cost thousands of dollars in Singapore, but it does not mean you should skip them to save a few bucks here and there. First, consider insurance plans that protect you from bill shocks and other financial issues. You can get these from reliable companies that provide nothing but the best for their clients who wish to ensure their health & wellness. Second, plan things efficiently according to the treatment timeline and process of the doctor to avoid putting a dent in your finances. (Tip: It depends on your lifestyle, so keep in mind to make wise financial decisions.)


Yes and no, and for many medical reasons. First, there are ways to lessen your risk, such as early diagnosis or managing your health with the help of your doctor. Living a healthier life through habits that boost your wellness is one of them. Second, an oncology doctor can provide procedures and other medical techniques to decrease the risks. However, if you still contract the disease, do not be hard on yourself because there is always hope!

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