Important Things to Do Before Jaw Surgery

Teeth alignment is one of the distressing dental concerns. With severe alignment issues, you will experience nonuniformity while biting, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite meal. Also, you will not have fluency when speaking, especially if you have a misalignment in your front teeth. Complex alignment problems could imply that you have issues in your jawbone. In that case, you should consider surgical orthodontics Cedar Park to restore the quality of your life. While the mention of jaw surgery can send chills down your spine, with the necessary preparation, there is nothing to worry you. Keep reading this article to understand what you should do before jaw surgery.

Be Informed

It would be absurd to undergo surgical orthodontics without knowing what it entails. Schedule time with the orthodontist to ask the relevant questions. For example, you can inquire how long the procedure will take. You can also ask about the risks and benefits of the upcoming surgical operation. By getting the answers, you will ease the tension that you could have before the appointment.

Plan for Ride

During jaw surgery, the specialist will use general anesthesia to lower discomfort. Nevertheless, the sedation effects do not diminish immediately after the procedure. Consequently, you could have poor judgment making it difficult to drive yourself. Therefore, before a jaw surgery appointment, you should request your trustworthy friend to give you a safe ride to and from the dental clinic. These individuals may also help you during your recovery.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has many lethal effects on your body. For example, cigarette chemicals can weaken your immune system. Consequently, the operated gum will be prone to infections, thus retarding the healing process. In addition,  the smoke toxins can obstruct the capacity of the jaw bone to fuse effectively. Therefore, if you smoke, you should suspend this habit months before and after your jaw surgery appointment.


Unlike other sedation options, general anesthesia can cause aspiration. This condition occurs when the stomach content flows to your lung causing breathing difficulties. Therefore to lower the chances of this condition, your specialist will advise you to refrain from any drink or meal a few hours before surgery. You can take a small sip of water if you need medications during this fasting time.

Sleep Well

A night of quality sleep is essential when it comes to alleviating anxiety. Good sleep usually boosts brain function, thus easing the tension. Much of the healing processes also occur when your body is resting. Therefore, you should sleep for at least eight hours the night before and after the jaw surgery. Ask your surgeon about the right sleeping positions to avoid putting pressure on your mouth.

Dress Comfortably

Some patients think that the surgeon will judge them according to what they wear. During your surgical orthodontics, you should not come with your favorite outfit. Your comfort should be your priority since the procedure can last for hours. Therefore, you should wear loose-fitting outfits and comfortable shoes. With loose clothes, it is easy for your specialist to administer sedation.

While traditional orthodontic treatment can help improve mild alignment issues, complex teeth alignment necessitates other treatments. Surgical orthodontics offers an effective approach to correct more severe alignment concerns in your mouth. If you anticipate this procedure, the above tips will help you prepare effectively. For example, you should ask relevant questions to know what to expect. If you smoke, quitting this habit is necessary to facilitate smooth recovery after jaw surgery. Further, skipping your meals hours before the procedure would be best to avoid aspiration.