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How Orthopedic Sports Medicine Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Athletes and active individuals need strategies to prevent injuries and improve strength and performance. Sports medicine embodies ways to help you prevent sports injuries while improving your performance in the field. You can turn to your orthopedic sports medicine surgeon Buford, GA, to help you recover from an injury and provide tips to prevent future injuries while improving performance.

It is important to understand that sports medicine is not restricted to performing athletes but everyone actively engaging in exercise and sporting events.

Benefits of sports medicine

If you are a performing athlete or you love to keep fit through sports, you can benefit from sports medicine in the following ways:

Prevent injuries

Sports medicine can help you prevent injuries through proper form training and conditioning of your body. Usually, you can injure yourself if your body is not fully prepared. For example, your performance might include sudden, sharp turns, leading to strains, sprains, or fractures. If you have an injury, you will likely not compete, which hurts your chances of improving your performance.

You can prevent injuries through stretching routines by warming up and cooling down before training sessions. Get enough sleep and rest between training sessions and sports events, and help your body recover quickly and effectively.

Diagnose sports-related problems

Sports medicine uses different techniques to identify the cause of your pain, including imaging and physical exams. They check your affected limbs carefully before they can make an accurate diagnosis. Common sports injuries include sprains, strains, overuse injuries, concussions, and fractures.

Recommend treatment approaches 

While medications and injections effectively treat sports injuries, your specialist can add physical therapy to the treatment plan. You might need to combine medication and exercises in other situations for the best outcome. For example, if you have a knee injury that requires surgery, you will need physical therapy to help you gain strength, mobility, and stability, once you heal from surgery.

Your treatment methods will depend on your condition and its severity. If a condition is minor, your specialist might recommend rest, but if it is severe, you might need surgery, which might keep you from performing for a few months.

Strengthen your musculoskeletal system

You can strengthen your musculoskeletal system by engaging in different sports activities. Through activity or exercise, your body will use your muscles to perform the exercise and strengthen them. When you exercise, you subject your muscle fibers to stress which tears them apart. Your muscles will heal themselves during recovery, and the cycle continues.

With time, your muscle fibers will be stronger, with increased endurance to stress. In strength training, you might need a progressive load to help your muscles get stronger and bigger.

If you are a sports athlete recovering from an injury or want to strengthen your body, visit Dr. Stephen Fisher, M.D. of Team Fisher Ortho, for a treatment plan. Dr. Fisher and his team will evaluate your condition thoroughly before recommending treatment. Call or schedule your appointment online today to improve your athletic performance.