How Long Will My Chin Surgery Last?

Are you someone who wants an aesthetically pleasing face? Thanks to science, you can modify your face through chin surgery silicone short legs (ทำคางซิลิโคนขาสั้น, which is the term in Thai). Generally, Silicone chin implants are cosmetic surgery to intensify your look. For people who lack a defined chin, chin augmentation is the perfect choice. It will make their jawline more prominent and enhance their natural beauty. Moreover, chin augmentation will provide strength to your weak chin.

What Is Silicone Chin Surgery?

Silicon chin surgery or chin augmentation is a surgical process where your surgeon will insert a solid silicone to add volume and strength to the chin. As a result, you will get a shape to the facial bone just like your natural jawline.

Procedure For A Chin Surgery

Your surgeon will use regional anaesthesia and sedation for chin implant surgery, which is often an outpatient operation. The procedure involves a little incision in the gums or under the chin. The cosmetic surgeon makes room for the implant by making this incision and then wraps the implant around the chin bone.

Getting just a silicone chin implant should be a quick procedure and done in under an hour.  After surgery, the doctor stitches the incision and applies a bandage to the chin.

Chin Surgery: Silicone Vs. Filler

A silicone chin implant placed during chin augmentation surgery is usually permanent. The position of the implant is non-changeable and will not shift with time. Even if you are happy with your new chin or want to remove or modify it for years, this may require more surgery.

Whereas in chin augmentation with dermal fillers, the final treatment’s effects will endure long but won’t be permanent. It is a terrific choice if you want to understand the changes that can be accomplished through chin augmentation but are still deciding whether to keep or modify it later.

Non-surgical chin augmentation using dermal fillers can last six months to a year. A whole year after the treatment, most patients continue to feel better. The results of nonsurgical chin augmentation are immediately noticeable, and no downtime is involved.

Finale Takeaway

So, have you been dedicated to considering silicon chin surgery? Discuss the side effects, recovery time, and queries with your surgeon. Book your consultation with an expert and certified cosmetic surgeon for your chin augmentation. Moreover, your doctor should be available during your situation.