Hormone Therapy for Transgender Medicine: All You Need to Know

Hormone therapy is one of the most common treatments for people who are transgender. However, it’s not an appropriate treatment for everyone. The purpose of my contribution to this series is to let readers know what they will experience during hormone treatment and how they can be confident that hormones are right for them. Many misconceptions exist about hormone therapy, which can be dangerous to take without consulting a doctor. If you are a transgender patient, you may need to see a New York transgender medicine specialist.

How Long Until the Effects of Testosterone Show?

How long it takes for the effects of testosterone therapy to be noticeable varies from one person to another. Several factors can influence how quickly your body responds to treatment, such as how much testosterone you take, whether you smoke or drink alcohol, and what type of physical activity you engage in. Before concluding that treatment is ineffective after a year or two, you should consult your doctor and determine whether the dosage needs to be increased.

How Long Until the Effects of Estrogen Show?

In general, it takes about three to six months for the effects of estrogen therapy to be noticeable. This is because it generally takes a while before a hormone treatment can begin working at 100%. However, numerous other factors can influence how long it takes for you to start noticing results from your regimen. These include whether you have been on hormones before and how your body responds to the dosage you’ve been prescribed. Some individuals may notice minute physical changes in estrogen after a few weeks or months, such as slight breast growth. Others may not see any changes until they get steeper increases in dosage. If you are worried about whether hormones are working for you, make sure to consult your doctor.

What to Expect from Hormone Therapy

As mentioned earlier, the effects of hormone therapy vary from person to person. However, some general changes apply to most people on a transgender treatment regimen. For example, testosterone generally increases muscle mass and decreases body fat, while estrogen lowers libido and may cause breast growth, mood swings, and hot flashes. Keep in mind that these are just some of the effects of hormone therapy – numerous changes apply specifically to you as an individual. That’s why it’s so important to consult a doctor if you’re considering getting on a hormone treatment regimen.

Is it Effective?

Hormone therapy is an effective treatment for transgender individuals. However, it’s not the only available option out there. If you want to be sure that hormones are right for you, consult a doctor and ask whether hormone therapy is the best path forward. The right choice for you will consider your needs, medical history, and physical makeup.

In summary, hormone therapy is an integral part of transgender treatment for many transitioning people. You should expect to see results upon getting on a treatment regimen, although the effects of hormones vary from one person to another. If you are considering hormone therapy or concerned about whether it is effective or not, make sure to consult your doctor for more information.