Gynecomastia Condition What You Should Know

This is a condition that will make your breasts seem enlarged due to the excess breast gland tissue in men and boys. Generally speaking, gynecomastia is not considered as a serious problem, but that does not mean that the condition could not cause a lot of issues, in general. It can be rather difficult to cope with this condition, and it is important that you visit your doctor.

There are many reasons why people develop gynecomastia, and if you think you might be suffe3ring from this condition, you can consider checking out the cosmetic surgery Templestowe and talking to a medical professional.


Make sure to talk to your doctor

When to see a doctor

If you think that your breasts might be enlarged or you have any other medical concerns, you should definitely think about visiting your doctor. New-borns or boys who are going through puberty tend to develop this condition, but it will also disappear on its own. Some older men might develop gynecomastia as well.

The usual symptoms of gynecomastia are:

  • Swollen breasts.
  • Breast tenderness.

If you are experiencing swelling and tenderness in your breasts, the first thing you should do is visit your doctor. After an actual exam, your doctor will be able to tell you what your next step is. Sometimes, gynecomastia might cause nipple discharge as well.

The cause

Gynecomastia is a condition that is triggered when the testosterone hormones decrease in comparison to estrogen. That decrease can be caused by any number of factors and conditions that could block the testosterone effects, reduce them or increase your estrogen levels.

Sometimes, gynecomastia can be caused by natural changes in our hormones, but as it was mentioned, this all depends. Most people think that estrogen is strictly a hormone that women have, but actually everyone has estrogen. It just matters how much your body is producing which hormone.


If you are interested in the treatment of gynecomastia, you should first find a good doctor. Scheduling a consultation and learning more about best gynecomastia surgery in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or you can search locally instead. All depends on where you are from.

There are different procedures to be considered, from medications, to antibiotics, or surgery. However, in most cases, your doctor will try a variety of medications to see what works on you, before you will be recommended to have surgery. This is why it is important that you find a doctor with a good reputation and a clinic with many satisfied patients in general.


Learn more about the procedure

Final word

Gynecomastia can be treated in different ways, and more often than not it will go away on its own. If you think you might have this condition, you should definitely talk to your doctor about the condition, what you can expect and how to deal with it. This might not be a medical emergency but it can cause a lot of issues, so do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.