First Aid in Case of Accidents

In all emergencies involving injuries, the first 20 minutes are important for life. Medical care provided at this time significantly increases the chances of the injured to survive. Therefore, it is especially important for these categories of people to know at least the most basic rules of emergency care.

First Aid is a set of urgent measures aimed at stopping the impact of the damaging environmental factor on the body, providing on-site care, and the most favorable conditions for transportation of the victim to a medical institution. These skills and knowledge a person can acquire with Erste-Hilfe Kurs München

According to Erste Hilfe Kurs Hauptbahnhof basic principles of First Aid includes:

  • correctness and expediency (if you are not sure of your actions – it is better to refrain; the main rule of first aid – do no harm);
  • speed;
  • thoughtfulness, determination, calm.

How to give First Aid?

München Erste Hilfe Kurs will teach you the algorithm of actions in case of accidents:

  • Assess the condition of the victim (consciousness, breathing, pulse).
  • If necessary, call an emergency (ambulance) team, as well as other emergency services (police, rescue service, gas service, etc.).
  • Assess and stop critical bleeding.
  • Ensure airway patency.
  • If the victim has no signs of life and no critical bleeding (or you have already eliminated it) – start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Transfer the victim to a stable position.
  • Do not leave the victim and monitor the state of his vital functions until the arrival of emergency services.

The availability of a well-stocked First Aid kit, the contents of which every rescuer should be able to use, will greatly facilitate the provision of medicaid to the victim. Erste Hilfe Kurs münchen moosach will get acquainted with the general principles of use, acquisition of first aid kits, as well as their varieties.