Drug Possession Charges: How a Defense Attorney Can Help

Have you been charged with drug possession? If so, you must seek legal help. As a defendant, you may have rights you should protect and fight for. These rights can affect your future and help you get a better case outcome. 

Drug possession leads to serious consequences. If you do not know what your rights are and how to defend yourself, you must not handle your case without an attorney. You need to hire an experienced attorney to represent you and give you legal advice. 

When Can You Be Charged with Drug Possession

You will face a drug possession charge if you are caught with illegal drugs in your possession. The drugs can be in your car, pocket, or at your house. When caught, you could face severe charges. Thus, you need to be aware of the law and what happens when you face a drug possession charge. 

Possible Consequences of a Drug Possession Charge

If law enforcement caught you with drugs, you could face some consequences. After your arrest, you could be sent to jail or face a fine. Also, you might need to appear in court where you could face a criminal charge. If you have been arrested for drug possession, you need a defense attorney to fight for your rights. A good attorney can advise and provide you with the best chance to get your charges dismissed and avoid jail time. Punishments for drug possession include the following:

  • License suspension. A conviction for drug possession can result in you losing your driver’s license. License reinstatement usually occurs after you complete the requirements the law imposes. 
  • Fines. Upon conviction, a fine will be imposed by a judge to cover court costs and a penalty for meeting the legal guidelines. The amount of drugs involved and previous convictions can affect the fines you will be facing.
  • Imprisonment. On average, a drug possession conviction can result in you spending time in jail for up to one year.

What an Attorney Can Do for You

A defense attorney can explain your rights and the law that governs drug possession. Also, they can build a strong defense and negotiate with the prosecutors. In case of a conviction, an attorney can help you reduce the consequences you might be facing. 

The laws that govern drug possession vary by state and cities. Also, penalties for drug possession vary, depending on the kind and amount of illegal drugs involved.