Do You Have Many Silver Fillings, But You Do Not Like Them?

Previously, many patients with cavities have got fillings made of silver amalgam. However, patients today typically receive fillings made of composite resin, which are tooth-colored and do not contain metal. These fillings are metal-free.

Additionally, if you have silver fillings and you do not like them, you can also get them changed with composite fillings. This is good news for those people. A dentist office in Pacific Beach, San Diego will ensure you get the care you require.

Why should silver fillings be replaced?

Patients may decide to have their metal fillings replaced with composite ones for a number of different reasons.

  • Because of concerns over their appearance, some people opt to have their silver fillings replaced. Having a mouth full of silver fillings may make a patient appear older. This is due to the fact that silver fillings were common in previous decades but are not utilized nearly as frequently today. Certain individuals report increased self-assurance after receiving tooth-colored fillings that are virtually undetectable.
  • Some patients are concerned about mercury in their silver fillings and opt to have them replaced with composite fillings, which are not known to contain mercury. Although the American Dental Association has said that the amount of mercury found in a silver filling does not pose a health risk, many patients report a greater sense of relief knowing that their fillings do not include mercury.
  • If deterioration has grown behind a silver filling or if the filling itself has cracked or fractured, the filling may need to be replaced. Because composite fillings are a more contemporary option, some patients will choose to have their new fillings created of composite when they are in this situation. This is because the patient needs the treatment done anyway.

How do you go about replacing silver fillings?

The silver fillings in your teeth can be replaced with composite resin in a pretty straightforward operation that just takes one consultation.

You will initially be given a local anesthetic to the affected area to numb it and keep you from feeling any pain during the procedure. After that, the previous filling is pulverized using a drill, and the fragments are extracted using a suction device. At long last, the fresh filling is inserted.

If you are unhappy with the silver fillings in your teeth, you might think about getting new ones. This straightforward operation is an easy approach to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth and, in some situations, improve their oral health. It is performed on a large number of patients.